Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Landry's Favorite Toys- 1 Year

It is so interesting for me to see the toys Landry is gravitating to at this age. Of course she still loves playing with things like our mixing bowls and plastic straws but she really is showing favorites with her actual toys. It will be fun to look back and see which toys she outgrows over time and which toys stick around.

I am particular about the kinds of toys I want for Landry. I really believe in less is more when it comes to toys. If she has too many toys it will overwhelm her and she will not be appreciative of the things she does have. I believe strongly in open ended toys that force her to use her imagination. If you would like to read more about the benefits of open-ended toys I would recommend this article.  In general, I also prefer to avoid plastic toys that make noise.

I try to rotate out the toys Landry plays with so they stay fresh but these items seem to constantly be in rotation!

This list is not an exhaustive list of toys she plays with by any means but it is the toys she really has been gravitating towards on her own.

Stacker- This stacker was a baby shower gift and I love it! When she was real little I was always nervous she would fall and poke her eye out but now that she has good balance I don't worry as much. She will point to it up on her shelf and want me to get it down all the time!

Peg Dolls- I painted peg dolls to look like our family for Landry a few months after she was born and then put them away because she was too small to play with them. Now she loves them! I even DIY a little travel dollhouse for them and bought some $1 dollhouse furniture from the Dollar Tree for her to use. She mainly loves carrying the peg dolls around and throwing them back into the house but I love watching her play with something I made for her. It is so easy to make your own or there are tons of etsy shops that sell customized peg dolls!

Hape Qubes- She first got a set of these in her Citrus Lane box and I was a little disappointed because I couldn't imagine that she would show a lot of interest in them. I was wrong. She loves these little things and will even play with them on her activity cube. Target had them on clearance and I snagged these and these too which came with a string and holes in the blocks so when she gets a little older she can practice threading things.

Walker/Wagon- We got Landry this walker before she started walking hoping it would help motivate her. It didn't (isn't that how it goes?). So I was worried this might have been one of those useless purchases that end up at Goodwill. Well now that she can walk she loves it. She loves to sit in it and for me to push her around. She loves throwing her toys in it. It gets plenty of use now.

4-in-1 Radio Flyer Trike- This was a birthday present and she loves it. She tries to get on it herself (not there yet) and wants me to push her around the driveway. I also take it downtown to walk around or to the park. She likes it a lot better than a stroller and I love that it will grow with her.

Musical Instruments- Landry got the set pictured for her birthday and she loves the xylophone and actually holds the mallet right now to play it! She loves to have Daniel or me play the harmonica. She also has this drum and this ukulele that she loves to play with too.

Cozy Coupe- Another birthday present that has been a huge hit. We play in the basement with it, in the garage, in the backyard, front yard, this thing goes everywhere! Landry loves that she can get in and out by herself. She will throw Lorax or another stuffed animal in there with her and she is ready to go!

Lorax/Stuffed Animals- The Lorax is her FAVORITE toy ever. She sleeps with it, takes it places with her, hugs and kisses it. One of my best friends gave me The Lorax in college because it is my favorite Dr Seuss book, but since Landry has come along she has claimed it as her own. I am terrified of something happening to it because we have no back-up! Landry loves all stuffed animals to be honest and plays with a lot of Daniel and my stuffed toys. She has this blabla doll and this one that she loves a lot.

I completely forgot to include her dress up items! She is really starting to enjoy playing dress up and make believe. Most of the things in her dress up basket are items I bought from the dollar tree for next to nothing!

What are your kid's favorite toys? Or what were your favorite toys as a kid? 


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