Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Goals

Where the heck did September go? I swear every month just goes quicker and quicker. I've been thinking long and hard about my goals for October and making sure I am a little more intentional with them.

Here is a recap of my September Goals and how they went:

1. Finalize my fall capsule wardrobe and post about it. 
You can check out my capsule wardrobe post here. So far I have been very pleased with my picks and I'm feeling so much more inspired with my wardrobe!

2. Go apple picking. 
Did it! Here is a recap. It didn't go as perfectly as planned (HOT) but it is so close to our house and the apples are so affordable we are thinking we might hit it up again this month.

3. Read "Yes, Please" by Amy Poehler. 
Not even close. I might have opened the book twice but barely got through it at all. This month has been busier and add that Landry's sleep has been on the fritz, I haven't had as much free-time during the day and in the evening I am exhausted and not wanting to work my brain. So I did not feel like reading. :/

4. Post 3 times a week. 
Yay! I did it! It's crazy how the more I post and write the more inspired I feel and the more I want to continue writing and posting. I definitely want to keep this up and have been working on a calendar of posts!

On to my October Goals...

1. Schedule blog posts/social media posts for the week of 18-25. We will be on vacation that week and I am determined to not even take my laptop with me! I want to enjoy our first week long vacation as a family! Fun fact, since Daniel and I have been together we have never taken a week long vacation together. Our honeymoon was cut a little short because Daniel was in a wedding! 

2. Create labels for my sidebar. I want to have labels for popular categories of my posts on the right hand side of my blog. It will make it easier to search through some of my posts. 

3. Go to a Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch. When Daniel and I were dating he surprised me with a trip to a Corn Maze and I think it would be fun to take Landry! I really want to go to Hickory Nut Gap Farms, it's where we buy our beef and pork and the people there are very kind. I love having a local farm that we support in different ways. 

4. Wake up at 5:30am. As of right now I wake up when Landry wakes up and that really has been our schedule since I started staying home with her. In return, I wake up grumpy and slightly annoyed that she woke me up (just being honest). 5:30am sounds like a completely terrible time to wake up (I am not an early morning person) but I know it is the only way to guarantee that I wake up before Landry. It will also give me a little time before Daniel wakes up which will be nice.

5. Go to the Carolin Balloon Fest. I know I want to attend and it's on my fall bucket list, but I know once it gets close I will start to think of reasons to not go especially with it being right before vacation and October being a more hectic month for our family. So I'm hoping by making it a goal it will actually happen.

What are you goals for October? Any goals from September that you accomplished? Let me know in the comments! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Daily Wears 09.29.15

These boots... they're not part of my capsule wardrobe so I feel like a bad blogger for saying "here's my capsule wardrobe" and then second outfit post I am already breaking the "rules". I really think next time I will not add shoes into my capsule wardrobe. I really don't buy shoes frequently and the shoes I own I really rotate through and wear frequently. That's the cool things about doing a capsule wardrobe; it doesn't have to be all rules. Really take a capsule wardrobe and make it work for you.

I think I like these boots better this year than last. I have a better idea on how to style them and oh my gosh... Dr. Scholls shoes are so comfy. I know it scream "old lady" but dang these shoes are stylish and comfy. Win in my book.

I feel like this outfit is the perfect outfit for these early southern fall days. In the morning it might be a little chillier but some days it gets into the 80's so sleeveless is really nice. I love this time of year where really I can wear almost anything (long sleeves, pants, shorts, tank tops) and it really is weather appropriate.

I got this hat SEVERAL years ago when I worked at Lane Bryant. It is one size fits all which is usually not the case for me and my big noggin but this hat actually fits me! Lane Bryant's hats typically run a little bit bigger (I'm not sure if they are considered plus size hats?) but I love it! I wore it some when I worked at Lane Bryant but not much since. Well now that I am trying to up my hat game I am so glad I hung on to this bad boy.

I love having articles of clothing/accessories that last several years. I've had this maroon skirt from Old Navy for many moons and it is the perfect skirt of hiking up and turning into a dress. It seems to always fit me no matter my weight (weight loss, gain, pregnancy) and really holds up well to a toddler's grimy little hands.

Vest: Target (similar)
Skirt: Old Navy (similar)
Shoes: Dr. Scholls via TJMaxx (similar)
Hat: Lane Bryant (similar)
Necklace: Lane Bryant (similar)
Belt: GAP (similar)

How is the fall weather in your neck of the woods? Are you loving the hat trend as much as me? 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Bucket List

I feel like this fall is going to be a jam packed with all the things! I am determined to squeeze in as much fun as possible now through November. Once December hits life gets so busy with the holidays and then January comes and it is so cold. I am determined to make the most out of these next couple of months!

Attend the Maiedae Mixer in Rome, GA: October 4
Attend Carolina Balloon Fest: October 16-18
Vacation in the Shenandoah Valley at Massanutten Resort: October 18-25
Attend Halloween Spooktacular Downtown: October 30
Attend Hues & Brews in Lenoir, NC: November 7
Go to a Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze
Date Day to Asheville, NC
Go Hiking

Most of the things on my bucket list are centered around outdoor activities because I really want to soak up every minute of these nice cool fall weather. It is such a relief from the humidity and heat so I pretty much want to spend all my free time outdoors.

I plan on doing post after several of these activities and anything else that pops up that might be added. I didn't want to add too much stuff because I wanted to leave room for spontaneity and random fall fun!

The only thing I didn't add that I've been wanting to do is go to Raleigh, NC (our state capital) for a weekend. I am really wanting to check out some of the museums there and just have a little getaway. But I think budget wise we will have to wait. It would be a good winter trip!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Thoughts: On Being Cool

Lately the word cool has been popping up in my head a lot. Partly in regards to the cooler weather but also in regards to being a "cool" person. I recently saw a Humans of New York post that was essentially a woman saying how her intellect was questioned because of how easily excited she was.

I have never considered myself cool and I do not mean that in a self-degrading way. If you look up on the definition of cool you will of course find the definition in regards to temperature "neither hot or warm" But you will also see "not affected by strong feelings." When I read that definition I chuckled to myself because if someone had just told me as a 13 year old girl that essentially is what being "cool" is about I could have saved myself a lot of strife. Never have I and never will I ever be someone who is not affected by strong feelings.

I feel, I feel everything so strongly. Sometimes I think people assume if you have struggled with depression that you do not get excited about things. But for me, I think my struggles with depression have led me to have a greater appreciation for the little things. I genuinely get excited about common, every day things. I get excited about grocery shopping by myself, going to the park, my favorite bakery having my favorite flavor, and Jimmy Fallon reuniting Kenan and Kel. I am not cool.

When it comes to my daughter, I take way too many pictures and post way too many to social media. Is it the cool thing to do? Probably not, I should probably instead be taking only pictures of my coffee and mountains (which I do too, don't get me wrong here). Part of getting older is really coming to terms with who you are. I feel like for so much of my life I was trying to be who I thought others wanted me to be, trying to fit in, trying to be cool. I'm done.

Here I am world. I am Brittany a 26 year old stay-at-home mom who loves country music, going to parks, shopping at Target, gets excited about ice cream and dogs, consumes way too much coffee, and loves politics. Hardly any of that screams cool, but I am totally ok with it. I am not cool, but I am a lot of fun, have a great sense of humor, and I'm incredibly punctual.

So today instead of chasing cool or whatever label you feel like you have to fit into, dig a little deeper and see who you really are.

Who are you? 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Daily Wears 09.22.15

Can we talk about this wall? It is so much fun! Our art council recently commissioned an artist to paint it on the back of their building downtown. It adds such personality to the building. I do not, let me repeat, I do not typically take outfit pictures outside of the comfort of my own front/backyard. But this building has been calling to me and I knew I wanted to take some pictures in front of it. It was completely out of my comfort zone because the building is located on the corner of an intersection and it was right around 5:30 when every one was headed home from work so I knew people would see me. 

Also out of my comfort zone, wearing hats! I have a large head, like wear large/xl hats in men's sizes. For that reason I have never really been much of a hat person because I can't find the adorable women's hats to fit my big ole' noggin. However, I recently found out some of Old Navy's hats are sized s/m and l/xl so I decided to give it a shot and picked up this hat. And now I think I might be a hat person. Bad hair day, throw a hat on! I do feel like wearing a hat draws attention to myself (probably just in my head) so it makes me a little nervous but I am getting over my hat anxiety. 

I am so glad fall is really starting to make an appearance. The cooler weather is my jam right now, but come November I will probably be over it and ready for summer. So it goes...

Do y'all like hats? Where can I find other hats for women with big heads? 

Flannel: Old Navy (similar)
Tee: Old Navy 
Pants: Lane Bryant (similar)
Shoes: Old Navy
Hat: Old Navy (On sale!) 
Bag: Kenneth Cole via thredUP (sign up here for thredUP for $20 credit!) 
Geometric Bracelet: Gorjana via Rocksbox (sign up here for your first month free) 
Shine Bracelet: Rocksbox
Landry Bracelet: Etsy
Earrings: Kendra Scott via Rocksbox

Monday, September 21, 2015

Life Lately

Life has been going a million miles an hour lately! I feel like I spent the majority of the first year of Landry's life wondering when time would speed up some, especially last winter. The days were so long with a newborn/infant. But now with a toddler? The days just seem to FLY by. Can you please tell me how it is already the end of September?? When did that happen?!?

We started volunteering at our local literacy council in the childcare while the mom's are working on learning english. Landry and I are volunteering on the 2 and under room. It is absolutely exhausting, most of these children have not been away from their moms so when they are left they SCREAM and cry for the entire 2 hours. I am hoping over time they become a little more used to the routine and don't get as upset. Most of the time you can find me carrying around 3 sniffling toddlers but when they rest their head on my chest or won't let anyone else hold them it just breaks my heart. It is exhausting be rewarding and the moms are so appreciative. Plus Landry loves getting to play with all the new toys and make some new little friends (and always tries to steal their snacks). 

Landry recently discovered that rainstorms are fantastic! We've been throwing our rain jackets on a playing around in the rain and dancing in the puddles while it is still warm out. When I was a kid (and even now) something about rain and standing in it was so relaxing (probably because I'm a water sign, right?).

How is my 13.5 month old tall enough to reach door handles?? Please someone stop this girl from growing. We are slowly transitioning into 2t clothes! It's crazy but the older she gets I swear the cuter the clothing options are. And I am so excited about fall and all the fun layering!

We've been visiting a local Episcopal church for the last 4 weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I am considering doing a whole post on my thoughts and feeling thus far. Since getting back into church it's made me try to reexamine my relationship with God. I am slowly but thoughtfully working my way through Heather Caliri's "Unquiet Time". It's like the "Wreck This Journal" of quiet times. Instead of being a devotional it really makes you think about the time you spend with your Bible. It's small, but powerful and really interactive which I enjoy. Perfect for doing in the park while Landry is playing.

While on the subject of park... have you ever seen a cuter kid at the park? This denim vest from GAP is everything! I need one so we can match (I'm completely serious). We pretty much live at the park these days. We spend most mornings at the park until lunch and Landry never gets tired of it. I would much rather spend the day outdoors than cooped up in the house and now that the weather is pleasant we are going to do just that. 

Every time I look at this picture I am blown away but how Landry's grown! She's starting to lose some of that baby fat and her precious leg rolls are slowly disappearing. And how in the world is she grown up enough to eat an apple of her own? I had been starting them for her but yesterday my mother-in-law gave her one without starting it and Landry did fine. I know it is silly but it kind of breaks my heart. One thing she doesn't need from me. One day she is going to go off on her own and not need me to wipe her butt, start her apple, put her shoes on her, or fix her a meal. I CAN'T EVEN!

If you read my post over the weekend on Sarah's blog Raising Miles you might have seen where I said the biggest surprise of having a baby is how much it changes your marriage. Well Daniel and I are really trying to make more of an effort to bring a little more adventure and fun into our marriage so we decided to camp Saturday night... in our backyard. We set up our tent, got our sleeping bags, table, fire, beer, and cards and made a night of it. Landry got to sleep in her nice comfy bed while we had a drop cord coming out to our tent with her monitor plugged up. Whatever works, right?

We love playing cards (WE NEED FRIENDS NEARBY FOR SPADES). We ended up playing redneck poker and gin rummy over a few beers. It was so nice to put away electronics and just laugh together. Daniel spoke in a British accent for most of the night and for once I didn't tell him to stop. I let my hair down and was a little more easy going and fun. However, the next morning Daniel and I both said we are adding sleeping on the ground when our bed is only 100 ft away is being added to our Murdock List (How I Met Your Mother, anyone?). We were both so sore and not well rested. But it was still fun and I think more game nights outside is in our new future.

Sorry for the word and picture vomit. What have y'all been up to lately? What's on your Murdock List? 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

What I Didn't Expect...

Have you ever wondered if someone could work a Chandler quote into a post about motherhood? If so, head over to Sarah's blog Raising Miles to see me do just that and share what I didn't expect when expecting!

Also show Sarah and her darling family some love! They are always going on fantastic adventures!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Wonderful Web Round Up

I am SO ready for the weekend. I feel like this has been the longest week! Daniel and I are camping in the backyard tonight because we're too nervous to take Landry real camping! She will be asleep in her room while make a little fire and enjoy the cool fall evening! Ok, onto the links!

Instagram envy... I totally experience it! So many people I follow seem to have their life so much more together than me so I love this photo series that shows the truth behind Instagram. We are all just showing a neat little square of our life.

I've been agonizing for YEARS over buying a Kavu bag. I recently saw a lady walking around with this buffalo plaid one and I think I need it!

Thrive Blog Conference tickets went on sale and I am agonizing over wanting to go so bad but also not having room in the budget to go! I want to catch up with all my lovely friends from Texas Style Council!

I recently read almost all of the Motherhood Around the World series on Cup of Jo. Highly recommend checking some of them out to compare cultures!

This past week has greeted us with cooler temps in the morning and evenings which have me dreaming of crisp fall days. This thermos would be perfect for taking hot coffee to the park while laying on a blanket watching Landry play.

I've been wanting to try overnight oats for awhile, seems so easy and quick. Here are some great, easy recipes.

As some of y'all might have seen on Instagram, Landry's new favorite hobby is jumping in puddles! She loves playing in the rain. With it getting cooler I need to invest in some rain boots. Of course I am eying these TOMS rain boots for her!

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything interesting you've found around the web?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Landry's Favorite Toys- 1 Year

It is so interesting for me to see the toys Landry is gravitating to at this age. Of course she still loves playing with things like our mixing bowls and plastic straws but she really is showing favorites with her actual toys. It will be fun to look back and see which toys she outgrows over time and which toys stick around.

I am particular about the kinds of toys I want for Landry. I really believe in less is more when it comes to toys. If she has too many toys it will overwhelm her and she will not be appreciative of the things she does have. I believe strongly in open ended toys that force her to use her imagination. If you would like to read more about the benefits of open-ended toys I would recommend this article.  In general, I also prefer to avoid plastic toys that make noise.

I try to rotate out the toys Landry plays with so they stay fresh but these items seem to constantly be in rotation!

This list is not an exhaustive list of toys she plays with by any means but it is the toys she really has been gravitating towards on her own.

Stacker- This stacker was a baby shower gift and I love it! When she was real little I was always nervous she would fall and poke her eye out but now that she has good balance I don't worry as much. She will point to it up on her shelf and want me to get it down all the time!

Peg Dolls- I painted peg dolls to look like our family for Landry a few months after she was born and then put them away because she was too small to play with them. Now she loves them! I even DIY a little travel dollhouse for them and bought some $1 dollhouse furniture from the Dollar Tree for her to use. She mainly loves carrying the peg dolls around and throwing them back into the house but I love watching her play with something I made for her. It is so easy to make your own or there are tons of etsy shops that sell customized peg dolls!

Hape Qubes- She first got a set of these in her Citrus Lane box and I was a little disappointed because I couldn't imagine that she would show a lot of interest in them. I was wrong. She loves these little things and will even play with them on her activity cube. Target had them on clearance and I snagged these and these too which came with a string and holes in the blocks so when she gets a little older she can practice threading things.

Walker/Wagon- We got Landry this walker before she started walking hoping it would help motivate her. It didn't (isn't that how it goes?). So I was worried this might have been one of those useless purchases that end up at Goodwill. Well now that she can walk she loves it. She loves to sit in it and for me to push her around. She loves throwing her toys in it. It gets plenty of use now.

4-in-1 Radio Flyer Trike- This was a birthday present and she loves it. She tries to get on it herself (not there yet) and wants me to push her around the driveway. I also take it downtown to walk around or to the park. She likes it a lot better than a stroller and I love that it will grow with her.

Musical Instruments- Landry got the set pictured for her birthday and she loves the xylophone and actually holds the mallet right now to play it! She loves to have Daniel or me play the harmonica. She also has this drum and this ukulele that she loves to play with too.

Cozy Coupe- Another birthday present that has been a huge hit. We play in the basement with it, in the garage, in the backyard, front yard, this thing goes everywhere! Landry loves that she can get in and out by herself. She will throw Lorax or another stuffed animal in there with her and she is ready to go!

Lorax/Stuffed Animals- The Lorax is her FAVORITE toy ever. She sleeps with it, takes it places with her, hugs and kisses it. One of my best friends gave me The Lorax in college because it is my favorite Dr Seuss book, but since Landry has come along she has claimed it as her own. I am terrified of something happening to it because we have no back-up! Landry loves all stuffed animals to be honest and plays with a lot of Daniel and my stuffed toys. She has this blabla doll and this one that she loves a lot.

I completely forgot to include her dress up items! She is really starting to enjoy playing dress up and make believe. Most of the things in her dress up basket are items I bought from the dollar tree for next to nothing!

What are your kid's favorite toys? Or what were your favorite toys as a kid? 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Holding It Together

Last week was a whole heck of a lot about clothes, wasn't it? I didn't even realize that I pretty much dedicated the entire last week to posts about clothes. I am not a fashion blog, let me repeat, I am not a fashion blog. I am simply a mom who is figuring out her style and sharing along the way. So with that being said I am about to get a little more personal today.

It's been a rough year. Whew- it feels good to take that sentence out of my brain and put it out there for the world. This time last year my Nana was admitted to the hospital with what she thought was pain from her gallbladder. She then was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. My 58 (soon to be 59 at the time) grandma who had been in perfect health, no smoking, no drugs, nothing beyond an occasional drink, was diagnosed with cancer. 6 months later she passed away. And 6 months later I am sitting here still struggling to accept it.

2 and a half years ago I lost Joan, my mom's stepmom, the woman who raised me and adopted me as her own. We had our trials and tribulations but she was one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters. Then 2 years later I lost my Nana, my father's stepmom and another mom to me. If anyone was to ask for me to name the women that had the biggest influence on my life it would be Joan and my Nana. When I lost Joan my Nana was there for me. But since losing my Nana I honestly have felt so alone.

For the last several weeks I keep dreaming about my Nana, but the dreams have been more like nightmares. Dreaming of fights within the family, dreaming that my Nana has not really died. And then in the morning when I wake up it is like losing her all over again.

The women who I could fall apart to are no longer around and I feel more than ever that I have to hold it together for my daughter. I know I have my mom and my other two grandma's but it's not the same. No one can provide the kind of comfort I received from Joan and my Nana. No one else do I feel like I can completely lose myself and they will have the right words to say and that motherly comfort. It is isolating and it is hard. And as whiny and childish as it's going to sound, it's not fair.

It's not fair that I don't have to two women who mean the world to me here to watch me grow with my family. It's not fair that Landry will not know either of them. It's not fair that I feel like I am losing a side of my family because my Nana was the glue that held us together. It's not fair that I felt like I have very few family members left that actually understand the person I am and fully accept it. It's not fair that when my dad gets out of prison this spring I will not have either one of those women to help guide me through a difficult time. And it's not fair that they are not here. They were both too young and had too much life left to live.

I am still grieving and still trying to adjust. There are still days I want to call my Nana to just chat and talk about life. There are still days I want to call Joan and brag about cleaning the house (she never thought I would be good at that) and ask her about rearranging a room. There are still so many times I wish I could curl up beside either one of them and have them hug me and tell me that everything is going to be ok.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Here it is! My fall capsule wardrobe! I am so excited for new choices and a fresh palette to chose from. Brand new pieces to my wardrobe have an asterisk (*) beside them. Most of my items are pieces I've had for awhile so I've linked to similar items that I could find. If I could find the actual item I linked to it! I will break it down further at the end :) 
Grey V-Neck: Old Navy | White V-Neck: Old Navy | Black V-Neck: Old Navy
White Tunic Tee: Corner Clothing via Zulily (similar) | Striped Tee: GAP (similar) | Simple Girl Tee*: Hello Apparel

Bird Top: Old Navy (similar) | Buffalo Check Shirt: Old Navy (similar) | Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (similar) | Fox Sweater: Old Navy (similar) | Tan Sweater*: thredUP (similar) | Sweatshirt: Hello Apparel (similar)

Black Cardigan: Lane Bryant (similar) | Grey Cardigan: Target (similar) | Tan Cardigan: Target (similar) | Orange Cardigan: Lane Bryant (similar) | Bomber Jacket*: GAP (similar

Quilted Jacket: Target (similar) | Floral Vest: Target (similar) | Cargo Vest: Old Navy via Poshmark (similar

Burgundy Skirt: Old Navy (similar) | Plaid Skirt: Old Navy* | Tan Skirt: Ruche (similar)

Shorts: Target (similar) | Jeans: Old Navy* | Black Pants: Lane Bryant (similar)

Black Maxi: Old Navy (similar) | Striped Dress: GAP (similar) | Grey Dress: Old Navy
Chambray Dress: Old Navy (similar) | Plaid Dress: Old Navy (similar) | Black Dress: Corner Clothing via Zulily (similar)

Oxfords: Gift (similar) | Herringbone TOMS (similar) | Grey TOMS (similar
Birkenstocks | D'orsay Flats: Franco Sarto | Moccasins: c/o Minnetonka
Clogs: Old Navy* | Boots: Target (similar) | Black Flats: Sam Edelman

# of Pieces: 41
# of Dresses: 6
# of Tops: 12
# of Cardigans: 4
# of Jackets/Vests: 4
# of Skirts: 3
# of Pants/Shorts: 3 
# of Shoes: 9
# of New Pieces: 5
# of Summer Roll-Overs: 14

This is definitely the most amount of items I've had in a capsule wardrobe. My previous two capsules had 31 and 33. I really had to be a lot more discerning when putting this capsule wardrobe together. I wanted to include a lot more cold weather gear but I had to remind myself that where I live does not get really cold until end of November. So I decided to hold off on several of my cold weather items. 

Shoes are always the hardest category for me. I really considered not even including shoes this time and wearing whatever I wanted of my shoes. I really do wear the majority of my shoes that I own so I question limiting myself if I am not frequently shopping for shoes and I truly get wear out of everything. I decided to give it another go with shoes included but come winter I might just leave them out.

I really didn't get a lot of new pieces because it wasn't in my budget and I had a lot of fall clothes in storage that I was pretty pleased with. Add in that I really want to make sure I am shopping with a purpose and that does require a little more money. I did buy a couple of pieces from Old Navy (which I wanted to avoid) but I had a gift card from online to use (thanks eBates!). 

Fall weather needs to start ASAP, I am looking forward to cardigans and sweaters and curled up with a dirty chai and pumpkins! 

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Review

I thought I would share my most worn and least worn items from my summer capsule wardrobe and what I learned from those three months. Tomorrow I will be posting my fall capsule wardrobe! 

Most worn items:

Twill Shorts: I lived in my two pairs of twill shorts this summer. I am so glad I did not add any pants to my capsule wardrobe even though I had a couple people act like I was crazy. I just DON'T wear pants in the summer, it is too hot and constricting and I'm not comfortable. Easy pull on shorts that are a respectable length for playing with a little one are perfect. However, they look pretty rough after a lot of wear and tear so I am not sure if they will be useable next summer. I might have to invest in some higher quality shorts.

Vests: Naturally my green cargo vest was worn all the time. It is my closet work horse. I loved my other long vest too. Perfect way to make a plain outfit a little more stylish. 

Knit Skirts: These knit skirts were great for pairing with my v-neck tees and giving me an alternative to shorts. Again, respectable length for playing with Landry. Fun fact: I've had my black knit skirt since my sophomore year of college- 7 years and still going strong! 

V-Neck Tees: A while ago I mentioned how v-neck tees were just not working with having Landry because of her pulling them down. I was really worried I might have to end my love affair with my Old Navy v-neck tees (I haven't bought any new ones since starting shopping with a purpose, but I still love them!). Luckily now that Landry is walking and doesn't have to constantly be carried places my v-necks are working very well. I wore them a ton this summer. 

Striped Tee: When I bought this tee I didn't know how much I would love it. But dang this shirt is the perfect weight and gives that casually chic vibe to an outfit. It is loose fitting and perfect. 

Dresses: That striped dress is me in a dress. Muted colors, simple pattern, casual, and pairs well with my cargo vest. Honestly I feel like all my dresses got a good amount of wear. 

Sandals: I really shouldn't have included any shoes in my summer capsule wardrobe besides my black Birkenstocks and tan Saltwater Sandals because I seriously lived in them. I would wear my toms once a week at most but usually go straight for the sandals. They are so easy and perfect for summertime. I am still on a high 3 months later from my incredible score from Poshmark with my Birkenstocks. Best purchase I've made in a very long time! The tan fake birkenstocks I had are going to be donated because once I started wearing the real thing I just couldn't go back, the real one are so much more comfortable and molded to my foot!

Least worn items:

D'orsay flats: I love these shoes, ridiculously comfortable and automatically make every outfit look a little more chic. I wore them like crazy last fall and early winter! But here's the thing, summertime I am just not trying to be chic. I am all about comfort and easiness. These shoes just weren't a fit for the time of year. Lesson learned.

Yellow Shirt: I didn't wear this shirt once. I added it to my capsule wardrobe to incorporate some color but to be honest it is ill-fitting and looks cheaply made. It is in my donate pile.

Denim Shirt: I wanted to love this shirt. I had searched for a cute short-sleeved denim shirt and when I found this one of clearance I immediately snatched it up. Unfortunately the clearance price kept me from noticing how poor of a fit it was. Way too loose up top and through the shoulders for me. I am selling it on poshmark because it's only been wore once but didn't work for me!

Floral Skirt: I wore this once while we were at the beach. It's a cute enough skirt and really comfy (did I mention pockets?) but honestly the pattern and colors just aren't very me. I've had this skirt for years and at one time it probably did fit with my style, but now it really doesn't. I will most likely sell it.

Polka Dot Skirt: I should have trusted my instincts with this skirt after my mini-capsule. I said it was too short back then but for some reason I added it. I love polka dots and I love the ease of this skirt but it is just too short for me to be comfortable playing with Landry. I will most likely sell it. I didn't even wear it once this go round.

Overall I am happy with my summer capsule wardrobe. Most of the pieces that weren't worn were actually old pieces that I feel like no longer really are my style. I definitely can sense the shift in my style since having Landry. Before Landry I think I wore more trendy, "fun" styles of clothes. People would comment about how I dressed different or "strange" but now I feel like I am much more simple with my style aesthetic. I still want to look fashionable and put together but I am not putting crazy combinations, colors, and layering like crazy. I really appreciate a more minimalistic approach to fashion now. I just don't have the time or energy to put into complex outfits. I love the look of them but it is not practical for me right now. I want good, quality clothing that has a more timeless look. Maybe that's part of growing up?

I also realized I didn't post a ton of outfit pictures these last few months. Honestly, it's because I didn't really feel like a lot of my outfits were worthy of posting. I kept it very simple this summer. We were constantly running around and going places and comfort (along with not having a heat stroke) were top priority which meant a whole lot of non-blog worthy outfits. This summer was ridiculously hot so by July I was done trying to look cute and would just through on a tee and shorts most days.

Here are my two favorite outfits that I posted:

Both of these outfits just felt the most "me" out of everything I wore. Simplistic with a little bit of a twist. Comfortable and easy!

Stay tuned for my fall capsule wardrobe! It will be posted tomorrow morning! And just a fair warning, it has a lot more clothes than my summer one!

Have you tried capsule wardrobes? How would you describe your style? 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thred Up Review

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (linked to similar items)

*This is not a sponsored post. I just love thredUP and wanted to share with y'all! 

I have a confession, I do not like shopping at Goodwill or most thrift shops for clothes (furniture on the other hand... LOVE). I just hate the digging through the already cramped racks of clothes to possibly find something perfect. So when I saw numerous people talking about thredUP I decided I had to give it a go. thredUP is an online consignment shop that sells women's clothes and accessories AND children's clothes. 

Above is the pieces I recently bought with my $20 credit (FREE MONEY... WHAT?) for Landry. I bought several items in larger sizes to save for later. I love GAP and Old Navy's toddler's clothes but I really do not like paying full price for clothes that Landry will only wear for a little while. Add in that I am really trying to shop with a purpose, buying second hand helps to shop more sustainably. Also the packaging is top-notch! I wish I had taken a picture when I opened my items because it was like making a purchase from a fancy boutique. 

When it comes time to work on my winter capsule wardrobe I am definitely going to be checking out thredUP for pieces to add. Here are some items I am drooling over:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (links to actual items) 

Sign up through my link to receive $20 to go towards your first purchase. Seriously, free $20!! That is what made me decide to sign up and try it and look at all the goodies I got! If you use my link I will also receive a $20 credit towards future purchases (just wanted to be honest with y'all!). 

Do y'all love shopping second hand? Have you ever tried thredUP? 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Apple Picking

How was everyone's nice long weekend? Any big plans? We spent our weekend hitting up the Catawba Science Center on Saturday, church Sunday, and Monday we went apple picking at Apple Hill Orchard! I thought I would share some of our pictures from our morning of apple picking.

We love getting apples from Apple Hill Orchard at our local farmer's market so when I found out that their orchard is only 7 miles from our house I decided we had to go! I'm going to be honest... I wish we had waited for it to cool down some more. It was really hot and I dumbly wore long-sleeve flannel so I was a sweaty mess. I also don't think we were prepared for the ground to be so uneven and hilly so Daniel definitely got his work out in pulling Landry in the wagon. 

However, the prices on the apples were incredible and we got some delicious homemade apple cider slushies which helped cool us down a little. Landry also LOVED them. Apple Hill also has a little country store with all kinds of apple baked goods. They do wagon rides for the families too but we thought Landry was a little young to stay still and enjoy it. 

Daniel's first apple picked! We are big red delicious fans in this house so that's where we started! We loved getting to pick our own size apples too, that way we could get some tinier ones for Landry and less would be wasted.

Landry stealing one of our slushies. They were delicious and I rarely let Landry have sweet treats so it made the day extra special for her.

They had helpful signs posted around the orchard to help lead you to the different varieties. Thank goodness because I am not an apple connoisseur so I would have had no way of knowing what kinds the different apples were if they weren't labeled.  

Landry enjoyed the wagon ride around the orchard. It was so nice that they provide the wagons free of charge for the people visiting. It makes it so much easier with a little one that wants to run around and eat all the rotten apples that have fallen to the ground.

I just love this picture of these two. They're the best.

Naturally Landry had to taste test along the way. I apologized profusely to the guy when we went to pay for what we had picked. He said it was no problem it happens a lot with the little ones. I thought it was so fitting we took Landry to an apple orchard this weekend. Story time at the library this past week was about an apple orchard and we read an apple book, sang apple songs, and even did painting with apples (Landry tried to eat the paint covered apple so it didn't really work for us)

Not gonna lie, I've never heard of Jonagold apples but the guy told us they were some of the crispest apples they had so we picked several. I haven't tried them yet but I hope they are delicious!

Landry did not want to take a picture with her dad, so I didn't even attempt one with me. It's ok, she still had a blast. 

Overall, the morning did go as I expected (SO HOT) but Landry had a good time and we got some tasty apples. I'm hoping we can make this an annual tradition (except maybe wait till October). I really think Landry will enjoy it the older she gets. I love getting to support a local farm in our community. 

Have you ever been apple picking? What should I make with some of the apples?