Friday, August 28, 2015

Wonderful Web Round-Up

Ok so I've been reading Sarah's blog Yes and Yes for YEARS, like pretty sure it is the first blog I truly became a fan of! Well I am also obsessed with her small business blog. I just discovered her post on How to Befriend a Blogger. Love it!

Shoes have always been my weakness (BUT I WEAR ALL OF THEM!) and I am lusting over these leather TOMS... fancy version of the classics and in cognac!

Speaking of TOMS, I have officially fallen head over heels in love with their Honduras roast! It is so smooth and Daniel even loves it!

Kathleen over at Kapachino did a Week in the Life posts which I loved! Definitely has inspired me to consider doing the same.

Somehow I just discovered Momastery and I am blown away by Glennon and the good she is doing. Her post on People Who Need Help Sometimes Look a lot Like People Who Don't Need Help hit me in the gut so hard. If you have ever struggled with mental illness or addiction or know someone who has definitely check out her blog.

I finally gave in and bought Landry a doll but it is not creepy and it soft (NO PLASTIC). I got her this Mooshka Doll and she loves it. Rides in her cozy coupe with it and everything. Family who is reading... DO NOT BUY DOLLS! haha

I have struggled with being consistent with blogging because life has been a little chaotic. I am really wanting to work on my consistency and Nicole over at Write's Like A Girl provides 3 Tips For Being More Consistent. She's also celebrating this week her 4 year blogging birthday! Go over and tell her happy birthday! ;)

As y'all know I am really trying to shop with a purpose so I'm loving these tips on Shopping With Ethics!

What interesting things have you found online this week?? Let me know in the comments! Have a fantastic weekend, friends! 


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