Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This picture has really nothing to do with this post. But she's so adorable and funny, right? 
Summer time I live for spontaneity. I feel like the season just calls for impromptu park trips, science center visits, and fro-yo dates. It is a season of possibilities and freedom. I guess no matter your age you never quite shake the feeling of freedom and excitement that summer use to bring as a child. No school, no rules, no plans except beach trips!

With the unofficial start to fall upon us (who doesn't feel like it is fall once school starts back?) I am craving some structure and scheduling to mine and Landry's days. Too much freedom and openness to our days has left me feeling exhausted and scattered. Add that Landry has dropped down to one nap and we are still struggling with scheduling, I have really desired some predictability and routine. 

Routine and predictability really can be comforting when you feel like the rest of your life is out of control. I know right now with Landry stepping into toddlerdom and testing her limits and boundaries not only do I need some structure to keep me from losing it, but Landry needs it to. 

So with all this being said I've decided to construct a weekly checklist/schedule of sorts for us. It will keep me from falling into the accidental parenting trap and help to make sure Landry's nap times are a time I can work on things of importance to me (like this blog) and not simply work on household chores and tasks.

As you can see in general our days are not scheduled to the hour. It will stress me out too much to try to keep us on an hourly checklist. I would much rather just have an order to our day. Now there are certain things (the things in red) that are not adjustable. Landry and I will be volunteering in the nursery at the Burke Literacy Council every Tuesday starting after Labor Day. It will be a great opportunity for Landry to meet some new little people (yay socialization) and gets us both involved in the community. Story Time at the library here is something you have to register for (it's still free) because there are crafts provided so we have signed up for the next session that starts next week.

The time Daniel leaves for work (around 7:35ish) till 8:30am I am sitting aside time for cleaning/chores. I think setting a time limit will keep me from choosing to clean over playing with Landry but it will also guarantee me time to work on cleaning while Landry is awake. Today I wiped down the cabinets in the kitchen and Landry "helped". She had our own rag and was mimicking me. It is important to me that Landry doesn't think the house magically gets cleaned while she is asleep. I want her to learn from a young age that we have to clean up after ourselves and that mommy isn't simply her to play with her 24/7. It will teach her responsibility and also show we that we can clean together and it be fun. 

Anything in black on our schedule are things that really can be flexible and changed depending on the day. I would like to adhere to it as much as possible just to keep the structure and so Landry will know what to expect every day. But if something comes up (special events, doctor's appointments, family visiting) those things can be moved no problem. I have also left a lot of time available for "play". I don't want everything to be too scheduled and planned out. I want to leave room for imagination and what Landry enjoys so play time can vary in what it consists of.

We are still playing around with naps with moving to one nap so they could move in the line up but ideally naps will be after lunch because she sleeps better.

Thursday mornings I am sitting aside for "adventure days". What they consist of really can vary depending on weather, time frames, money, etc. We are members to a local science center that is 25 minutes away so that is always option along with other children's museums/science centers that are nearby that we get into free with our membership. There is also a little center in our town that children can go and play for free. We could go up to Asheville (45 minutes away) and go to the Nature Center or an indoor playhouse. We could go to the indoor pool here in the city or the splash pad (until it closes). I just want to make sure we are doing something a little out of the ordinary on Thursdays. It will give us something to look forward to and give us a little break in our routine.

After a month or so of us actually using our schedule (I plan on really starting next week) I might do a week in our life to kind of show how it is going in action. I know this might be oversharing but I know I enjoy seeing how stay-at-home moms structure their day so maybe this will be of some help to someone!


  1. Enjoying your blog and love keeping up with ya'll. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is great! If I were a SAHM I would most definitely need to put a schedule together. I'm also glad to see that other people don't do baths every night. :)

    1. Haha, baths every night is just too much work! If Landry gets especially dirty one day we might through in another bath night but usually we stick to our 2.


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