Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sick Essentials for Baby

We have been so fortunate that Landry has only been sick twice since being born. When she was around 8 months old she got a urinary tract infection and had a fever. She had to go on antibiotics and was no fun. Just this past weekend Landry got sick for the second time. We are pretty sure it was just a summer cold but it was still no fun. She had a fever, runny nose, cough, sneezing, and was just generally fussy. She was so pitiful and it made for a very long Sunday.

So with all of this being said, we are obviously not completely experts on taking care of sick little ones. But we have dealt with our fair share of teething and here is kind of our essentials for taking care of a sick baby.

Also note: if you are pregnant and you invite me to your shower I am most likely going to bring you some reusable container (who needs gift bags?) with some of these necessities. I know, it's completely practical and no fun. No one cares to see nasal spray and infant tylenol. They are wanting to check out new cute clothes and interesting baby contraptions and do-dads. But these things are necessary and no one else will give you these things.

NoseFrida- Ok so I know this thing seems really weird. What you do is stick the end against the baby's nostril. You then suck to get the snot out. It does NOT go into your mouth though! There is a little plastic sponge filter that catches the snot. It works so much better than the bulbs and doesn't get moldy like those.

Boogie Wipes- Saline nose wipes. Super soft, smells good, and doesn't leave your little one with a raw nose.

Infant Tylenol/Infant Motrin- You need both in case your little one is running a higher temperature. You can alternate between the two.

Saline Spray- We used this A LOT right after Landry was born. She was super congested and using this and then following with the NoseFrida really helped to get all the gunk out. Now that Landry is older it is HECK of a struggle to actually use this on her, but it works really good.

Chest Rub- Maty's Chest Rub is all natural and has a fantastic earthy smell to it instead of a overwhelming menthol smell. Since Landry has been coughing and super congested I have been rubbing this on her chest. Maty's also recommends putting a little on the bottom of your baby's feet before bed. I don't know if it makes a difference but I do it anyway.

Lorax- This is Landry's end-all, be-all favorite stuffed animal. She sleeps with it, takes it with her places, gives it kisses. It's her best friend and her lovey. I had bought her adorable BlaBla dolls that are so nice and handmade. I wanted her to love them, but one day she found my Lorax stuffed animal that one of my best friends gave me in college. When Landry isn't feeling too well she is even more attached to this thing and even uses it to wipe her nose (and that reminds me that Lorax needs a bath ASAP).

What are your sick essentials for a sick baby or little one? 

Stay tuned for Landry's 12 month update... it is coming tomorrow (over half a month late).


  1. I am pretty sure Lorax as a little more loving on him at this point. Hope he likes baths. Do we need a backup Lorax?:)

    1. Haha yes I found a stock photo of her Lorax stuffed animal. Her's has definitely seen it's better days.


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