Monday, August 10, 2015

Refresh, Renew, Restart

I have always been anti-New Year's Resolutions. I always thought it was silly to wait until a new year to make changes you are wanting to make. Also New Year's Resolutions never seem to stick and then you make the same ones year after year. Maybe it's just me but the middle of winter is also horrible timing for me to make life changes. I am cold and tired and suffering from the post-holiday blues so I don't feel like overhauling my life and starting fresh.

Back to school time, that has always felt more like the right time to refresh, renew, and restart. After a summer away from people and a new school year on the horizon it always felt like the perfect time to start new. The changing of the seasons; summer coming to a close and fall just on the horizon. It is a time of change and it always makes me excited for the possibilities.

Now I realize  no one in our house is going back to school (oh how I miss the fun of school supply shopping and figuring out the first day of school outfit), but I have decided to take this time of change and really refresh, renew, and restart. I have been in a rut lately. I am not unhappy but I have definitely been happier. It feels like a lot of days I am going through the motions. Same thing with blogging, it has fallen to the wayside and I've missed it. I've decided to organize my days a little more and really take the time to make myself a priority.

This morning I started by waking up and brushing my teeth before even getting Landry out of bed. It is amazing how something so small can really set your morning in the right direction. I then made Landry and I a tasty breakfast of eggs and veggies. Usually I only take the time to make Landry breakfast and then I might have a bowl of cereal.

My cellphone remained in another room while I played with my daughter. Maybe I don't have as many pictures of her but I will instead have more memories. I went ahead and drank 24 ozs of water before 10:00am. I didn't make my coffee until Landry took her nap. That way I could sit and enjoy it without it getting cold.

I am not making any resolutions or goals. But instead I am trying to make daily little changes to make sure I am practicing self-care and also being actively involved with my daughter. Self-care is not the same as laziness but lately that is what I've been doing. I have lazily ate whatever I want (which is a bunch on processed crap). I have lazily sat around and watched shows on Netflix while Landry naps instead of being productive.

Bye bye laziness! I am feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to restart...

How do you practice self-care? 


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