Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ode to Morganton, NC

4 years ago I thought my future was located in Washington, DC. I had gotten into graduate school in the area, received my dream assistantship, Daniel had started interviewing for jobs, and we had started looking at apartments. I just knew I was meant for big city living (we never moved to DC).

Fast forward and here I walk down the streets in Morganton, North Carolina. A town with a population of 16,000. A town with no Target to be found (Fun fact: before Daniel and I got married I made him promise we would always live within 15 minutes of a Target. That is no longer true). A town with significantly less 20-somethings than I would have preferred.

2 years we have lived here. 2 years I have wrestled with the idea of living in Morganton. I have complained about aforementioned lack of Target and lack of 20-somethings. I have complained about the type of people found around here. Daniel and I have spent numerous weekends going to Asheville (where I swore would be a better fit for us) or going to Hickory. Avoiding spending the extra time in a place I didn't necessarily want to call "my town".

Maybe like a pair of shoes I am finally starting to break Morganton in. Yes, at the beginning Morganton was a little tight in the toes and rubbed my heels a raw. But now Morganton has started to conform to me. It feels good to slip into the streets of downtown and see some of the beauty this town has to offer (and not just the beautiful landscapes and mountains).

I love going downtown to the farmer's market and having a kind stranger help me set up my stroller. The sweet lady who let's my daughter have a tomato for free because of her cute smile. Hitting up My  Local Bakery (actual name of the bakery) to get 40% off cupcakes when they are clearing their cases. Seeing people signing wherever you go because of NC School for the Deaf is located here.

I love seeing the revitalization and creativity being brought into our downtown (I say our because I finally feel like I am part of it!). Catawba Brewing is a wonderful brewery and our newest brewery Fonta Flora is garnering so much publicity for it's local sourced brews. The Grind Cafe makes a mean iced dirty chai!

I love my kind neighbors who I can call when I am sick to watch my daughter for 2 hours while I nap. Neighbors who leave cards in your mailbox offering encouragement (even if I think they are a little strange). Neighbors who I give nicknames to (without their knowledge) because I have learned their habits. Like Lawn Guy who mows his lawn every other day (and it looks perfect). And Weird Guy who walks through the street with his kindle and his dog trailing behind him. I love the two old golden retrievers, Chance and Sage, who live next door but frequently lay in my front yard because we get more sunlight.

I guess what I'm saying is Morganton... I like you. I have fought it and I have ridiculed you at times. But you are hard on the ones you love. And I guess I am starting to love you. You're not perfect, but no town is. But right now, you are perfect for my family. You are own town, a town we don't share with our pasts, with our families. It is the town where we started OUR family. It is the town where we are building our future. This town is finally our home.


  1. I am so happy that you are feeling like you are home in Morganton. It looks like a great place to call home.

    1. Thanks Beth, it has been a process but I really feel like this is the right place for us right now.

  2. I LOVED reading this post! Small towns are very special. Sometimes I think I can handle it but, like you, I would have to have a Target near me. I mean, Target is the best. :)

    1. Aww thanks HIlary. Small towns are so special and wonderful I miss Target something awful!


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