Thursday, August 13, 2015

Landry's 12 Month Update

Dear Landry, 

YOU ARE A YEAR!!! It is awesome, wonderful, and sad. You are such a little person/individual. It amazes me to begin seeing you as a toddler and not a little baby. I wouldn't trade a day of the past year and I love getting to be home with you and really see first hand the process of you growing up. I have avoided writing this post because I really don't want to accept that you are a whole year old. It blows my mind. I am so contradicted, I look forward to seeing you grow but at the same time I want you to be my little baby forever. I love you sweetheart. 


I have no idea! She seems to have slowed down with weight gain. She is losing that baby fat but still getting taller. It blows my mind the things she can get to. I can't wait for her doctor's appointment to find out what her height and weight is. 


Sleep has gotten a little better. Some mornings she actually sleeps till 6:30am. Then some days she wakes up at 5:30am. I would love for there to be some more consistency with her morning wake time but I will take what I can get. Her naps have gotten back to some regularity. She usually takes an hour morning nap and an afternoon nap that is anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours.

We finally moved up a size in her sleep sack which I think has given her more room and made her more comfortable. She is all about her sleep sack! We use this one by Baby Deedee. 


WE HAVE WEANED FROM THE BOTTLE! We did it cold turkey. The day after her birthday party we gave her a bottle at 5:00am and then I didn't give her any more. It has surprisingly gone well. Sadly, Daniel gave Landry her last bottle which makes him feel special but I wish I had been the one to give it to her. I didn't realize at the time it would be her last bottle. But I guess that's how it goes, you don't realize something is the last time until it's over. If only we could know ahead of time, maybe we would hold those moments a little closer and appreciate them a little more. Anyway, I digress... Landry LOVES food but is not crazy about milk. We have to give her milk with ovaltine in it to get her to drink it. We are lucky to get 10 ozs in her a day. 

Favorite Toys

Her Cozy Coupe.

Her Red Radio Flyer 4-in-1 trike.

Books, you can find some of her favorite here.

Hape Qubes, she has these, these, and these


Landry is such a fierce, independent little soul. She is so sweet and caring but also such determined. Some days I can see myself in her and it worries me and warms my heart all at the time say time. She lacks patience, just like me. She gets excited easily, just like me. But then there are times where I can see her own little personality developing. She is such a people person, she ADORES people. Being around people give her so much energy, my little extrovert. She does not get that from me or Daniel. 

Milestones/Things To Remember

She is fully walking, even getting close to running.

She is learning how to get down from the bed and chairs.

She gives kisses unprompted now! She will even kiss the babies in her books (which is fantastically adorable).

Her molars are starting to come in!

She is starting to gibber gabber a lot more. She says "Da-da" or "Daddy" all the time (she's been saying Da-da for a while).


The dogs (she is so cute playing with them now! They no longer coexist, they are actually really interacting and playing).

Things I Want to Remember

Her playing with the pups and how sweet and gentle she is with them.

Our mommy/daughter dates.

Seeing her play at the Chickfila play place for the first time.

Looking Forward To

More fun times at the park and science center.

Finishing up summer with a bang!

Going on vacation as a family of three in October.

After this month I am going to do monthly updates every 6 months because some of the big milestones have occurred and her development will be slowing down a little bit. I will definitely keep you updated with recaps of fun activities we take part in. So her next one will be in January at 18 months! 


  1. Such great pics of precious little Landry and all about how she is progressing. Tks. SO much for taking time to share this wonderful story of her first year...Love and miss you!


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