Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Daily Wears 08.18.15 Featuring Rocksbox

*This is not a sponsored post. I am just super excited about Rocksbox! 

Dress- Corner Clothing (Made in the USA) via Zulily (similar
Vest- Old Navy via Poshmark (similar)
Necklace- The Giving KeysGorjana via Rocksbox
Bracelet- Nakamol via Rocksbox (similar)
Earrings- House of Harlow via Rocksbox
Shoes- Birkenstocks via Poshmark
Bag- Lane Bryant (similar)

I have been SO sick these past few days! I've been congested and all around feeling yucky. But I was so excited yesterday when I received my first Rockbox that I had to take outfit pictures to show my new goodies! 

This dress is not part of my summer capsule wardrobe but I have been so sick and Landry had a doctor's appointment that I pulled out the most comfy yet semi-put together in my closet. I am also dreaming of fall and kind of hoping that if I start dressing for fall the weather will follow my lead. That's how it works, right?

Ok so on to more about this Rocksbox thing...

My friend Emma over at Behind The Leopard Glasses blogged about Rockbox a few weeks ago so I decided since she is so stinking stylish to give it a shot. Rocksbox is a monthly subscription service where you receive three pieces of jewelry for $19 a month to wear as much as you would like and then send back to receive three new pieces. You can trade out jewelry as often as you would like for no extra charge. 

When you sign up you fill out a style survey so they can get an idea of pieces that would work for your style. You also can make a wishlist of pieces and you might receive them in your box. The even cooler part? You can buy the pieces you love to keep for a discounted price! And every month you get a $10 credit to your account to use towards a purchase. So really it is only like you are paying $9 a month because of the credit you receive. 

I am not really adding a lot of new clothes to my fall capsule wardrobe. I will be reusing a lot of clothes I already have from last winter/fall. Instead I am hoping to spruce up my accessory game a little so I decided Rocksbox was the perfect start to figuring out some new jewelry for myself. So here is my first box! 

Free shipping to you and you get a shipping label to ship back to them free! Just drop it in your mailbox. Easy peasy.

I thought the box was so adorable and loved the little bow... it is like opening a present to myself! 

I loved seeing my name! Personalization is such a nice little extra that makes you feel really special. I also loved my note from my stylist Hana. I had placed the earrings from House of Harlow on my wishlist so it was nice to see she payed attention and added them to my order.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well they did picking out pieces for me! People a lot of times tell me my style is really picky and hard to pin-point so I was really happy that these pieces seemed me! I also loved getting a variety, a bracelet, earrings, and necklace!

I am obsessed with these earrings! I rarely wear my second hole but these earrings just force me to actually embrace my second hole because I love these studs together. I actually think I am going to keep these because I don't have to worry about Landry pulling on them like a lot of my dangly earrings. I needed to stock up on some studs.

I think this bracelet is absolutely adorable and great quality. It really looks like something I would have worn a lot in college. Unfortunately all the beads just make me a little nervous with Landry and it is a little bulkier than I typically like. I will probably wear it for a couple of dinners with friends and send it back.

I have loved little bar necklaces for a while! When I showed Daniel he actually thought I already owned this necklace because it looked so much like me. It is a perfect layering piece to go a long with my Giving Keys necklace and a lot of my other long necklaces. Sadly it is not in the budget to keep it right now so I will most likely send it back with the bracelet and probably kick myself for it.

Here are the earrings "in action". Sorry for the blurry picture :/

Ahhhh! Looking at this picture and how great the Gorjana necklace looks layered with The Giving Keys Necklace, I am already regretting my decision. haha

Click here to get your first month free! Or you can go to rocksbox.com and use my code brittanybff397 to receive your first month free. Let me know if you sign up and show me the goodies you receive! 

What kind of things are you wanting to add to your fall wardrobe? 


  1. What a fun subscription service! I love the pieces you got and the way you layered your necklaces. I just got my first Giving Key a couple of weeks ago, and I definitely need to try layering with it now!

    1. The Giving Keys necklace are so great for layering and mixing and matching!

  2. This whole outfit is amazing! The dress, the vest, the jewelry! Love it all! Rocksbox is so awesome! I bought two pieces because I loved them so much!
    Sincerely, Sara

    1. Thank you so much Sara! You are too kind! Rocksbox is wonderful! I am always hesitant about buying jewelry so being able to try it out with outfits first is wonderful!


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