Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shopping with Purpose

Lately I have been feeling more convicted about the clothes I wear. As I have shared before, I am a huge TOMS fan. I appreciate the fact that for every pair of shoes I buy a pair is provided to a child in need. For every package of coffee I buy, water is given to someone in need. For every bag I purchase, a mother is provided prenatal care. It makes me feel good to know that I am not merely consuming, I am giving back. I also love knowing that the products TOMS makes are not made under unfair, unethical working conditions.

Several years ago I read Indiana's post about shopping with heart. I admired her decision to start being discerning about where her clothes/accessories come from. Recently Molly posted about purchasing with a purpose which really convicted me about my purchases.

I am now at a place in my life where I really am becoming more aware of the world outside of myself. I have always had a heart for others but when it came to the products I purchased I never really thought about the products I purchased. I always made the excuse that buying ethically manufactured goods was too expensive, or not made in my size. I am tired of making excuses.

Since starting my capsule wardrobe I have really began to see the need for less clothes. And the less clothes I buy the more I can really focus on investment pieces. I can make a conscious effort to support companies and businesses that focus on ethical working conditions, giving back, made in the USA, thrifted, and/or made from sustainable resources.

Will it be harder? Yes. Will it require more thought and time when shopping? Yes. Will I be perfect at it? No.

This is a learning process for me. I am slowly trying to learn more about indepedent shops, ethically made clothing, and clothing made in the USA. I am not going to get rid of every thing I have in my closet that currently does not meet those standards. That is wasteful and I do not have the kind of money to buy an entire wardrobe from scratch. However, when I start planning my fall capsule wardrobe I am going to shop with purpose. I have already found out about some awesome companies that I can't wait to support!! I hope y'all will stay tuned as I embark on my journey of shopping more with purpose.

Shirt- Ezra and Eli
Skirt- Old Navy
Shoes- TOMS
Backpack- c/o TOMS
Necklace- The Giving Keys 
Bracelets- Alex and Ani, Etsy

Do you try to buy ethically made clothes? Any suggestions for shops/retailers to check out? 


  1. It's hard to stick to it, for sure, but I definitely try to limit my chain store and mall clothing purchases and when possible spend the extra $$ on independent brands and ethical companies. Although, truth be told, I'm also just really picky about quality of clothing too, and I'd rather invest in well-made, unique pieces instead of buying cheap fast fashion all the time.


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