Monday, July 27, 2015

Honest Review of The Honest Co.

I have been really slow to jump on the Honest Company bandwagon. I am a huge fan of natural/safe products but for some reason I have just resisted the Honest Co. I make some of my cleaning products in order to keep it more natural and less chemicals, but I haven't made the switch with some things. After Jen posted about her love of the products I finally decided to give it a go. 

I started by ordering their free-trial of their diaper/wipe bundle and their essentials bundle. You can go sign up here if you are interested in sampling. The trial bundles are absolutely free (just paying shipping) and you can cancel as soon as you receive them! After receiving our bundles I cancelled the diapers/wipes (we primarily cloth diaper so I don't need a regular supply of disposable. However, I will definitely pick up a pack here and there at Target). I decided to keep the essentials bundle because there was some products I was wanting to try and I had a $10 off your first bundle coupon. The essentials bundle is only $35 a month (plus shipping) and you can customize what 5 products you want to receive and how often. Also the bundle saves you a ton of money which is great!

This post is not sponsored and below is my very honest review of the products! There are some things I love and some things I did NOT like. 

Shampoo & Body Wash 
This is the product that I have heard the most bloggers/people rave about especially for their little ones. I have even had a few say this is their go-to shampoo. The smell is incredible, like orange creamsicles! I, however, did not like it for my personal shampoo. I have really thick, curly, coarser hair and I felt like the shampoo did not get it clean. I love it as a body wash and it is great for children!

Like I said earlier, we mainly cloth diaper. We use a disposable at night and then sometimes disposables on longer trips or weekends away. I really like these disposables because they do not get the nasty smell after the baby goes potty. They also didn't make Landry rashy or anything. They don't work overnight for Landry (the only kind we have found that does work is Huggies Overnight), but I might pick up a pack here and there at Target for trips. 

Face & Body Lotion
Terrible, absolutely terrible! Sticky, did not feel hydrating. I would never use it on my face because of how terrible it felt just on my body. And I would not use it on Landry because it does not rub in well. I am glad this was in my free trial and that I didn't purchase it because I hate it! It went in the trash.

Organic Healing Balm
This came in our free trial and at first I didn't really know if I would find a time to use it. But obviously I am a first time mom and didn't think about all the scrapes that Landry would be acquiring now that she can walk. She got a little scrape on her face and I put this on it and the next morning you could barely see it! I was very pleased with the results and love that it is organic. I have this selected to arrive in our next essentials bundle because I know it will get a lot of use!

I really like these wipes! They didn't smell super chemically and had a nice quilted like feel to them. I  did not care for the price though. We use cloth wipes so we only use disposable when we are out and about. I just don't see the need to pay a lot for wipes that are rarely used. 

Fruit & Veggie Wash
This was the product that made me decide to get the essentials bundle. I usually use vinegar (or GASP just water) but I hate the smell and I can sometimes taste the vinegar which is not what I'm wanting when eating my apple. Ideally we would eat all organic but we truthfully cannot afford it, so giving our produce a good washing is so important. I love this stuff!! It is quick, easy, and doesn't leave a taste!

Dishwasher Gel
I've been really pleased with the dishwasher gel so far. A little goes a long way (you only have to fill one of the cups) and I don't feel like our dishes look hazy or still dirty. We will most likely purchase again. 

Dish Soap
This product is ok. I don't love it, I don't hate it. It doesn't get as sudsy which makes me feel like it doesn't get the dishes as clean. I also didn't feel like it fought grease as well as my trusty blue Dawn. Luckily this was in my free trial so no biggie. 

Multi-Surface Cleaner
The smell is so light and refreshing, no harsh chemically smell. But I didn't think it got my counter tops as clean as my homemade multi-purpose cleaner. I felt like I had to scrub extra hard and I'm lazy and don't want to do that extra work. Also my homemade cleaner is super cheap/easy to make so I will probably stick with it. 

Oxy Boost
I mainly added the oxy boost to our essentials bundle because I was worried their laundry detergent wouldn't get the job done on it's own. The oxy boost is great for using with Daniel's clothes after mowing and towels (the real dirty stuff). 

Laundry Detergent
I've been surprisingly pleased with the laundry detergent. We have been very devoted Tide users so making the switch was a little nerve-wracking. It is definitely unscented which has been an adjustment. I am used to the smell that comes from Tide. Our clothes seem super clean and I've noticed no stains. It is more expensive than Tide but when purchasing in the bundle it makes it a lot more affordable. 

Floor Cleaner 
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! It smells freaking awesome, doesn't leave your floor feeling sticky, and is easy to use (no mixing with water, just spray it on the floor and use a dry mop). We just finished adding laminate hardwoods in our whole house so this is perfect for quick cleaning. I have more of this scheduled for our next bundle because I know I will be using it a lot.

If you are interested in signing up with The Honest Co I would appreciate it if you would use my link here so that I would receive a $20 credit and you would receive $10 off your first bundle. 

Have you tried any of the Honest Company products? What did you think about them? Is there anything you are wanting to try? 


  1. I use their body wash for the kids, love the conditioning detangler spray for my hair & my daughter's hair (I have straight, fine hair though), foaming hand soap, and the toothpaste - it's awesome if you are used to a natural brand. I like to have the diaper cream on hand for mild rashes & redness.

    I have used the laundry detergent but I recently made my own which is cheaper and just as good. I have also tried the wipes, toilet cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, and lip balms - all of which I like but probably won't continue to pay for. The only thing we didn't like was the dishwashing gel, which left our dishes very hazy. I'm sure that has to do with our water as well, though.

    I still want to try the deodorant and the sunscreen! And now you have me adding the floor cleaner to my list.

  2. I am wanting to try the toothpaste so I might just have to add it for my next bundle. I've also wanted to try the deodorant because I am wanting to make the switch to a more natural option for deodorant but it makes me nervous!


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