Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Daily Wears 07.28.15

Dear Summer,

You've long been my favorite season. I dreamed of those 90 degree days, no school, laying by the pool, evenings out with friends. I loved wearing shorts, dresses, skirts, and sandals. But I hate to tell you this, but my affection for you has been waning.

Maybe it's me, maybe my love of your extremes coincided with my extremes. I've leveled out in the last few years (at least for me). No longer are your extremely hot days exciting, they are now just miserable. I have a child now! Your weather can be so rough on her.

Since having a child I can't spend lazy days by the pool. Kayaking, that's not even an option right now! And let's not even get started about how my hormones since childbirth means I start sweating something awful. You know how much I hate sweat and you just don't make it any better!

You've also began withholding rain which is so selfish and rude. It's always about you and never about anyone else and what's best for them. Even if I had someone to watch Landry so I could kayak right now the levels on the river are so low it would be near impossible. Do you not think about these things?

It's with a heavy heart that I have to say, I am breaking up with you summer. I'm just not that into you. It's not you, it's me. We should start seeing other people. I think autumn and me might have more in common. I am ready to trade in my sandals and shorts for cardigans and scarves.

We've had a good run and I hope we can be cordial as we move forward during this difficult time.


Dress- Old Navy
Shoes- Saltwater Sandals
Bag- Oh, Sweet Joy!
Bracelet- Target
Earrings- Target
What's your favorite season? Are you over summer? 


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