Thursday, July 2, 2015

11 Month Update

Dear Landry, 

After a crazy previous month I am glad to say that this past month was a lot more enjoyable. We took you on your first trip. It was to the beach and you did pretty good. You loved the pool, you're our little water baby! I feel like we've had so many adventures this month. We've gone to Mountain Play Lodge in Asheville, Catawba Science Center, and the Western NC Nature Center. I love always these little adventures and getting to experience these things through your eyes. You really do open up a new world for me. You are growing so fast, physically and mentally. I can't believe the next time I do this update you will be a year old! I love you so much baby girl!


Based on me weighing her she is around 24 lbs. Her weight gain is slowing down, she is losing that baby chub! I am not sure how tall she is now but she has consistently been in the 90th percentile with height. We were at the park the other day and there was this little 15 month old boy and Landry was SOOO much taller than him. People constantly comment on her height. She must take after Daniel! 


Early morning wakings continued this past month, almost every day 5:30am. It was insane! These last few days I have finally decided something has gotten to change. We were sometimes giving her a bottle when she woke up which I think reinforced the habit. Now we will not give her a bottle before 6:30am. I also have decided to push her bedtime back. She was going to bed around 7pm, but now we are putting her to bed closer to 8pm. It seems to be helping a little bit and it means we have more of our evening to go out and about and do things. 


Ba (milk)
Done (she says this when finished eating)


We have decided to try to keep her formula intake to around 24 ozs. We are really wanting to wean her from the bottle right after a year so we wanted to start by cutting down her formula in hopes of increasing her food intake. It seems to be working and she seems to actually be self-weaning. A lot of days she doesn't take her whole bottle and is going longer between bottles. I am hoping that means we will have an easier transition to whole milk and no bottle easier.


Definitely 18 month clothes with a few 24 month items that are roomy. I feel like she is getting longer which is why we have to do bigger sizes (lots of shirts becoming crop tops haha). Her feet are growing like crazy. We just moved up to her bigger moccasins mid-month and they were a little big then. But now her toes are already at the end! It's crazy! 

Favorite Toys

When we went to the nature center they had a vending machine of stuffed animals so we got Landry a river otter and owl. She loves those things!!! She also still loves her Lorax.

She is still a big fan on books. I have been keeping a book in the car for her and she loves to flip through it when we are going on longer drives.

Landry loves to roll around in her tee-pee and play with her books and stuffed animals.

She also has really enjoyed her water table. We've played with it a lot! 


She is so sweet and fun! She loves to laugh and will just randomly laugh at nothing. I try to remember to make sure I am setting that example of being lighthearted and full of laughter and fun. I really don't want her to take life to seriously. It seems like it is working.

She is also such a sweetie. We had a play date a few days ago and Landry was so cute. The other baby isn't even 4 months old yet and I was giving him a few of Landry's toys to play with. Well she tried to take them but then she decided on her own to give him toys. I thought it was sweet! She also is so cute with animals. She loves watching them!

Sadly, Landry is starting to get to that toddler tantrum point. She will through a fit about such silly things, she even stomped her feet one time! I've started posting some of the ridiculous reasons Landry cries on facebook/instagram because sometimes you just have to laugh about it. 

Milestones/Things To Remember

She has started taking steps on her own without holding on to anything or anyone! She has taken about 8 steps in a row without sitting down or falling!! She is getting more and more confident so I think she will be full-fledged walking any day now.

She's starting to put things back into their containers or bins. Yay for learning to clean up!!


The pool.


Other children



Closing doors

Things I Want to Remember

Her bravery when playing in the pool.

Going on adventures to the science center, nature center, and Mountain Lodge. 


Looking Forward To

Landry full-fledge walking!

She starts swim lessons this month.

Her first birthday party! 


  1. She was a doll baby yesterday. Smiles and sweetness! Cannot believe it has been 11 months since she came into our lives!


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