Thursday, June 25, 2015

Surfside Beach, SC Recap

We are so lucky to have family that has timeshares. Daniel's parents and my Pawpaw both have timeshares at Plantation Resort at Surfside Beach, SC (Myrtle Beach). My family started going to Plantation when I was around 8 years old; I went every summer until I went to college. It makes it almost feel like a second home. It is was such a fun coincidence when Daniel and I started dating and we realized our families owned at the same place.

Landry and I headed down Sunday to spend time with Daniel's parents and Daniel came down Wednesday evening. We were planning on staying until the following Tuesday (my family was coming down Friday and we were going to stay Saturday-Tuesday with them) but sadly our vacation had to be cut short. I had every intention of taking tons of pictures (I even took my DSLR) but it didn't happen. I think that is a sign of a good time... so caught up in the moment you don't think of taking pictures! Here are a few:

One of my friends said once you have a baby it is no longer "vacation" but instead a trip. No truer words have ever been spoken. We've never shared a room with Landry (she slept in her crib from the beginning) so having to share a room with her was tough. I woke up constantly through the night when you made noise or rolled over. Almost every day she decided 5:30am was a great time to wake up. On the plus side, I typically went to our room and took a nap (or watched Netflix on my iPad with my headphones) while Landry napped. It forced me to have a little downtown/me time which is very necessary for me when being constantly surrounded by people. 

However, it was nice to have extra hands on deck to help with Landry through the week. She was extra clingy though so it made it tough to take advantage of the help. Please don't take my complaining as whining... I definitely appreciated the change in scenery and the break from reality for a bit.

We stayed in a condo which is so nice when traveling with a baby. It made meal time for her so much easier, along with washing bottles, and clothes. The resort was not on the beach which growing up I despised. But now it is not a big deal. Landry was not a fan on the beach and I didn't enjoy trying to keep her from eating sand. Instead we spent a lot of time at the pool. There was a full size pool along with a kiddie pool. There is also another area with a zero-entry kiddie pool, a splash deck, and a lazy river. Landry really loved the zero-entry kiddie pool because in the shallower areas she could crawl and sit without problem. 

Daniel and I got to have a date night on Thursday. We first went and saw Jurassic World, which was really good. I mean you know the plot but it automatically sends you back to the 90's which what 20-something doesn't love? 

We had dinner at Driftwoods in Murrells Inlet. It was delicious! We got an appetizer of crab-stuffed mushrooms and then the Driftwood Platter for Two. It has shrimp, oysters, deviled crab, scallops, clam strips, and flounder. It was so much food and we had leftovers for the next night. 

In the evenings after Landry went to bed game night commenced. Cards were played (Spades, BS, and Monopoly Deal). My mother-in-law won one hand of spades and we were so proud of ourselves! We also played our fair amount of ladder ball and corn hole. Also game time was usually accompanied by Blue Moon. It was a nice treat because Daniel and I rarely buy beer anymore so it was a great way to unwind while at the beach. Daniel and I both say we wish we had friends in town that we could have game nights with. We love playing cards and board games! 

There was several things we wanted to do while we were down at the beach but it was TOO hot. We wanted to go to the Brookgreen Gardens and we wanted to bike at the Myrtle Beach State Park. Even though we didn't get to go out and about as much as I wanted (and we only went to the actual beach) it was a nice break. 

I am so excited that in October we are going to a resort in the Shenandoah Valley for a week! Since our vacation was cut short it will be a nice little family vacation. It will also just be Daniel, Landry, and I AND we will have a 2 bedroom condo so we won't have to share a room with Landry. Daniel and I both keep asking each other if it is October yet. Thanks in-laws for letting us use your timeshare for the fall and for having us this summer!! 

Do you have any fun summer plans? 


  1. Landry's lemon dress is too adorable! And yes, a vacation with kids is a lot of work. Someday she will love those photos though!

    1. Thanks! It was our first trip with her (besides weekend visits to family) so I think we now have an idea of how things will go next time!

  2. We loved having you and Landry all week! A fun vacation filled with love, memories, games and no serious sunburns. Perfect!


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