Thursday, June 11, 2015

Suppose To's

I apologize for the later than normal post. Yesterday I thought my computer was done-for, but I didn't a system reset and luckily it seems to be working again. Yay!!

Blogging can be difficult. I know people might think that sounds silly, but for me it really can be. Not because of needing to make time for it or coming up with topics to talk about or putting myself out there. Instead it is hard for me not to get wrapped up in the suppose-to's.

Am I suppose to be writing more personal essays? Sharing my feelings and thoughts more. Am I suppose to be doing more outfit posts? Am I suppose to be working really hard to monetize my blog? Am I suppose to be approaching brands and companies about partnerships and sponsorships? Am I suppose to have more of a focus, more of a niche? Am I suppose to be a mommy blogger, a fashion blogger? 

All of the suppose to's just start mounting up and can make blogging seem like a mountain instead of a mole hill. I think that can translate to the real world. We all get wrapped up in the suppose-to's of life. I hear it from friends "I'm suppose to be in a serious relationship by now, I am suppose-to be married by now, I'm suppose to have kids by now." I hear it from myself, "I am suppose to be going after my dream career, I am suppose to be a pinterest-worthy mom, I am suppose to be a stepford housewife." 

However, eventually we have to cast aside the suppose-to's. There is no one-size fits all for blogging, let alone life. Instead of focusing on the "suppose-to's" let's start focusing on what we actually want, not what we are suppose to want.

So as far as blogging goes, I want to blog about my everyday life, motherhood, outfits, and things related to babies. Sometimes I want to share parts of my heart with y'all, get a little deeper and more personal. Sometimes I just want to share pictures from the weekend or an outfit I particularly liked. I hope y'all are fine with it.

As far as life, I want to be a stay-at-home mom right now, I want to be a fun mom. I do not necessarily want to have the prettiest house, the prettiest meals. I don't really care about pretty. I care about fun, laughs, and love.

What do you feel like you a "suppose-to" do? What do you actually want?


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