Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Ta-da! Here is my summer capsule wardrobe! I am still waiting on two pieces that haven't come in yet. I FINALLY found a pair of barely used black Birkenstocks (!!!) on Poshmark (sign up with my code PQZZN to get a $5 credit to use anywhere on the site/app) for only $20 after the credits I had on my account. I can't wait!! I also have a dress coming c/o It's this one but I added short-sleeves and made the length a little longer. I will definitely share with y'all when the dress get's in! 

With the two items I am waiting for that brings my total capsule wardrobe to 33 items. I set a cap of 40 items. I did not want to have more than that because it seems unnecessary. I realized a few days ago that I wasn't near 40 and thought maybe I needed a few more pieces but then I thought about it and I decided that I am really happy with everything shown so why add more? 

I also was excited that I was able to buy a few new things with money from selling clothes on poshmark and selling somethings on ebay. It is a great way to clear out clutter but also make a little cash. We did a major clean out of our house the other week and sold/donated a ton of stuff. It feels so great to just have less. 

After my mini-capsule wardrobe being primarily a mish-mash of what fit me at the time and a random Thursday afternoon being frustrated with my clothes, I really wanted this one to be more intentional. I wanted clothing that was 
  1. Comfortable
  2. Fun
  3. Me

Every piece above is just that. I think this wardrobe also represents my eclectic style better. I feel like I can go more minimalistic or more boho or even semi-preppy with this wardrobe depending on how I style it. I am really excited for the possibilities. 

The Breakdown

Anything with a * beside it is a new item. I have linked to the actual clothing if they are still available or something similar. 

I have 9 tops for my wardrobe. I know I said the v-necks could sometimes cause issues with being a little low cut but I really prefer v-necks over all and they are comfy tees so I kept them this go around. I was able to get the stain out of my chambray shirt so I add to keep it too. I wanted to add a little color this go-round (seriously lacking in my last capsule) so I grabbed my yellow shirt out of storage and instead of getting my graphic tee in grey (like I so wanted to) I opted for this burgundy color that is still muted but a color. I also wanted some patterns in my tops so I picked my bird print top out of storage and added a striped tee. 

I forgot how much I loved dresses. They are so quick and easy and instantly make you look like you tried harder than you did. I am excited about all three of these dresses. I think my mother-in-law is going to help me take in the denim dress under the armpits. I have seen so many bloggers rocking the linen dress so when I scored it on clearance at Old Navy and it fit perfectly I was stoked!

I know I said in my last outfit post that my twill shorts were too big but I love them and they are great for knocking around in with Landry without wearing gym shorts so I kept them. I didn't think I wanted denim shorts until I found them at Target, a great mix of stretchy with structure and the perfect rise! I thought the patterned shorts felt like pjs and would be great for the beach and date nights.

I don't know why I didn't add these knit skirts to my mini-capsule cause they are the yoga pants of skirts. I just throw on a tee and they are comfy and perfect. I love my floral skirt for the summer, it just screams beach and sunshine!

New cargo vest, say what?? My old one was well-loved and by well-loved I mean super faded. So when I stumbled upon those Old Navy vest on poshmark for practically nothing I had to get it! I love the long, flowy floral vest for taking simple pieces and giving them a little something. 

None of my shoes are new (except for the new-to-me pair of birkenstocks coming sometime soon!). I really regret not having as many shoes for my mini-capsule so this time knowing it is for 3 months instead of just 40 days I knew I needed to double my shoes! I switched out my grey toms for olive so that my grey ones don't get as worn out. I know white converses are all the rage right now, but I've had these pink ones since my sophomore year of college and I really just can't do white shoes (I am too rough on shoes). I also love expressing myself a little more with shoes so I like throwing in my glitter toms (my Dorothy shoes!). I also wanted to have a heeled shoe for date nights. 

Again pjs and activewear does not count towards the items in my capsule wardrobe. However, I am really trying to make an effort to put on real clothes at least 5 times a week. I fell into the rut of wearing workout clothes around the house (even when I wasn't working out) which never really made me feel put together and like I had started my day. I think it will make me feel better about myself if I actually put real clothes on. 

I am also excited to not really have to think about clothes for the next 3 months. The last week and a half have been consumed by figuring out my summer capsule wardrobe. It takes up too much room in my mind. Luckily with not shopping for 3 months I will not have to think about what is missing and all the new things I need. It opens up room in my head for other things! 

If you have any questions please let me know! 

Are you doing a summer capsule wardrobe? What are your summer clothes must-haves? 


  1. SO glad you got the stain out of your chambray shirt. LOVE your wardrobe. It is SO you!


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