Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May Gratitude

At the beginning of May I bought a new planner. One of my favorite features is each day there is a box for my 'Daily Gratitude'. I like to say I am a realist but in reality I am a pessimist. Like not even glass half-empty, more like there wasn't anything in the glass to begin with. It isn't a trait I am particularly proud of. Most people actually think I am pretty optimistic person. Fun fact- senior year of high school I won a scholarship from the Optimist Club because I was picked to be the most optimistic and positive senior. Some of my closest friends found it pretty amusing. 

Any way, I want to work on seeing the positives in life and not fixating on the negatives. So every day keeping track of a gratitude really helps to change my thinking and point of view. I really think it might be helping some. For example, we are going to the beach next week for vacation. I have been dreading it. Worrying about how Landry will do, how her schedule is going to get messed up, how I will do being around people that much (I have become so much more introverted since being a stay-at-home mom), and a million other worries. However, yesterday I told Daniel I am changing my outlook and going in with a better attitude. 

So I thought I would share my gratitude list from May with y'all! It is only for half of the month because of when I got my planner. But I will keep sharing over the next several months. 
  1. Landry's doctor appointment went well, she is growing great! 
  2. Landry slept until 6:50am.
  3. Being able to afford to pick up dinner after a really hard exhausting day.
  4. Papa being safe after getting a flat tire on the way to come see me. 
  5. Having time during the day to watch Grey's Anatomy.
  6. Local farms and their delicious produce. 
  7. Go-to outfits that make getting ready easy. 
  8. For arguments that turn into productive conversations. 
  9. An understanding husband who is patient when I am in a bad mood. 
  10. A slower paced day. 
  11. 4 years of marriage that were celebrated by kayaking! 
  12. Former co-workers who are more like family and friends. 
  13. Coffee.
  14. Landry did not cry during the confirmation service!
  15. Having more than we need and being able to donate the excess.
  16. Thunderstorms and much needed rain.
  17. Parks for providing free entertainment.
  18. Friendships that pick up right where they left off. 
  19. Weekends with a husband who pulls his share of the weight and takes the burden off of me. 
  20. Long drives through the mountains. 
  21. Joy in the mundane tasks.

What are you grateful for? Are you naturally pessimistic or optimistic? Any tips for looking on the bright side?


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