Friday, June 19, 2015

Beach Essentials for Mom & Dad

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Yesterday I shared our beach essentials for baby and today I am sharing beach essentials for mom and dad, aka Daniel and me. 

Y'all remember when I was in search of a new swimsuit? Well if you like my page on facebook you might have seen my update that I ended up not getting any of those suits but instead found this Reebok one at Dick's Sporting Goods. I am really pleased with it so far! Daniel sticks with plain swim trunks and an Under Armour Compression Tank. He has to wear a tank because when he was a kid he got 3rd degree burns on his back (expired sunscreen!!) and ended up in the hospital. So now he wears a tank for extra protection. We both love our rainbows for the beach, more supportive than regular flip-flops. 

I have a giant head and rarely can find hats that fit my head. But I luckily found a few years ago a white sun hat from target that fits; Daniel rocks the baseball caps. Our go-to sunglasses are our Oakleys (unstoppable for me, radar path for him), but we both worry in the ocean we will lose them so we each have a pair of cheaper sunglasses for the beach. 

Daniel loves Banana Boat Sport sunscreen. I am not picky with sunscreen but I did buy L'Oreal's Sunscreen for Face because regular sunscreen is too greasy for my face. L'Oreal's face sunscreen is so silky smooth, I am digging it! We both carry our Camelbaks to the beach (love the ease of a straw). Neither one of us have super protective cases on our phone so in order to protect them against the sand and water we both have water-proof bags for them. You can still use your phone when it is in the bag (they are also perfect for kayaking). 

I got this mat for park trips to keep us dry when the grass is damp, but it is perfect for the beach too. It's huge, but folds up so nicely. It's mold and mildew resistant which is also nice, highly recommend! I found my beach bag at Target. It is simple, no fuss but can easily be wiped down if there is any kind of issues. We also found our towels at Target, they were on clearance so we were sold. The shed like crazy though! 

What are your beach essentials? 


  1. after five years of living in LA, Rainbows are a necessity! excellent list.


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