Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Beach Essentials for Baby

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I have scoured over beach essentials for babies. You should see my pinterest searches! I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed for Landry while we are down here, but I also didn't want anything unnecessary or extra. The resort is not on the beach or within walking distance so I knew that we needed to watch how much we had with out when going to the beach. This list is also our pool essentials. 

Luckily, we were able to a "test-run" of a beach trip with Landry a couple of weekends ago. Lake James State Park is not too far from where we live and they have a "beach area" so we loaded up our stuff and took Landry one day. I think we were sufficiently prepared. Hopefully that translates well for our trip. I'll let y'all know when we get back! 

 Sun protection is so important to our family. Not only because my Nana use to work for a dermatologist and beat it into my brain to take care of my skin, but also because Daniel is a ginger. As of right now Landry looks like she might be taking after Daniel with her fair skin so we want to take extra precautions! I use babyganics sunscreen constantly when going to the park and it does great, Landry has not gotten burnt yet! We also opt for rash guards (with spf 50) to help cover up! We also got this cute rash guard set at Target.We also have 5 different head coverings for Landry, the iplay one definitely stays on great. We also have a speedo hat (perfect for the pool), a swim cap, a Carter's wide-brim hat, and a baseball cap.  Our little baldy needs her head covered up! 

I love iplay's swim diapers, we have 4 of them and they are reusable. I also don't usually put swim bottoms on here because the diapers are so cute themselves! Normally Landry wears moccasins but I wanted some shoes that could get wet so I bought these iplay swim shoes (I promise this post is not sponsored by iplay, I just really love their summer products!) based on some recommendations from moms online. 

I don't see the need to take a ton of toys to the beach/pool because Landry really doesn't require that much. But I did buy these Hape Sand Toys set. I love it because it is so much more sturdy than some sand toys. I really think they will last year to year. My mother-in-law also gave us a pool float for Landry. 

Landry's little Skip Hop lunch box is perfect for throwing her sippy cup (got to keep her hydrated) and some snacks into to have at the beach. It also fits one of her bottles which is good to have just in case. 

Ok to seasoned moms this might not be a big revelation but some one told me to use baby powder to get sand off of babies and oh my gosh! It works wonderfully. When we went to the lake I used it to get the wet sand out of all of Landry's rolls. I also used it on myself and it worked perfectly! So I big old thing of baby powder will be going with us. 

You might notice I did not include an umbrella or shade. Well Landry doesn't stay still and she sure has heck does not nap out and about. So we really didn't see the point in investing in something like that because it won't get used. Also we just have a regular beach towel for her. Nothing too exciting.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on the beach essentials for Daniel and me!

What are your essentials for beaching it up with a baby? Any tips or suggestions? 


  1. Great picks! I had never heard of using baby powder to get rid of sand, I'll definitely be trying that out!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!


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