Thursday, June 4, 2015

10 Month Update

Dear Landry, 

This last month has been something, hasn't it? It has been a little tough for both of us. I know it has to be so frustrating trying to communicate with us and we are so clueless. And the walking thing? Must be maddening that you want to so bad but your legs just won't cooperate. Things are starting to happen so fast and quick and I know I haven't been as patient and understanding this past month. I'm sorry, sweetie. All I can say is I will try to do better. I am so excited for the rest of the summer together. I promise this next month is going to go a lot better. For both of us! 


At her 9 month appointment her weight was 23 lbs and she was 30 inches long! She was in the 95th percentile for weight and 99th for height. Needless to say we have ourselves a big girl! Looks like she could be tall like her dad!


Don't even get me started. This last month has been all over the place. She will sleep great one day and then terrible the next. And for most of the month she has been waking up super early. Like 5am early. I feel like we have regressed with sleep some too. There has been several days where she has gone to bed before 6:30pm. We haven't done that in a LONG time. Plus it seems like her wake time has gotten shorter. It's been crazy.


Again there has been no normal. Some days 24 ozs of formula other days over 32 ozs of formula. Some days she eats her solid food great! Other days not so much.


Landry wears mainly 18 month clothing and has even gotten some 24 months clothes recently and they kind of fit her.

Favorite Toys

Landry loves all stuffed animals. I also got her a Green Toys dump truck and she really loves it! But of course more than anything she loves every day household items that are not meant to be toys. Like toilet paper.


She is such a strong-willed girl, if she wants something she is going to try her hardest to get it. I've said it before but she is also so brave and fearless. She will climb anything, jump off, and roll around. She's a wild one and I think we will have our hands full, but I wouldn't want it any other way! 

Milestones/Things To Remember

Landry has 8 teeth and is working on 9 and 10.

She has started learning how to give high-fives. It's so adorable.

She is standing up on her own (without pulling up on anything) consistently now and will stay standing.

Landry swam in a real pool for the first time (and by swim I mean floated around in her floatie.)


Other children (seriously fascinated by then and it occasionally makes me feel a little bad that we are only having one child)

Quinoa pizza bites (she gobbles them up!)


Going down the slide.

Her dogs!

Things I Want to Remember

The times she snuggles her head into my chest and just sits with me.

Her mischievous smile when she is about to do something I just told her not to.

The way she snuggles close to Rin and loves her so much.

Looking Forward To

Her walking, seriously could that please happen? She is getting so frustrated that she can't!



  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pics of sweet Landry and all the new info. about her. Is there some reason you are only going to have one child? Hope to visit with all 3 of you this fall.


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