Monday, June 29, 2015

Restless and Running

One time when Daniel and I were having an argument he said "Nothing makes you happy". It was one of those things said out of anger and he later apologized profusely for saying so. But it hurt, and it hurt because part of me has always worried it might be true. Ok maybe not that nothing makes me happy because I am happy it's more that I am always restless.

My last year of college (and our first year married) I was determined to get into graduate school and Daniel and I move to DC. I got in George Washington University and even received an assistantship that would help pay for school and provide a stipend. I swore I was meant to be in DC and that would be the perfect place for me. Unfortunately, after looking for an apartment in DC and meeting with my new boss I realized it would not be a good fit so we didn't move.

Then after graduation I applied for AmeriCorps and received a position at Duke University. Daniel and I found an apartment and moved to Durham, NC. I knew that working at a college would make me happy, that everything would be right with the world. Daniel had not yet found a job in Durham and we could not afford for him to be unemployed. So he stayed in Hickory living with his grandpa while he applied for jobs in Raleigh-Durham. After a month and a half working and living apart I was miserable. I did not like my job and I did not like Durham. I quit and moved back to Hickory with Daniel and returned to working at Lane Bryant (where I had been working for a year and half prior as a manager).

I am so happy with where my life is and the crazy we have gotten to this way. The mistakes, the moves, the different jobs have all led us to this place. But I still feel restless. Last year around this time (before having Landry) I had in my head we should move to Knoxville, TN. Why Knoxville? I have no idea but I just felt the need to move to a new city, a new state.

My newest obsession is the desire to move to Portland, OR. Once I start thinking about it I realize that I usually want to move or some big change when things are tough. I think part of the reason I wanted to move so bad my last year of college was because our first year of marriage was really hard and we had suffered a miscarriage. I wanted to run from the pain and hurt that became associated with Hickory. When DC didn't work out I settled for Durham. I then realized that a different location did not change the hurt and pain.

Even when we made the short move from Hickory to Morganton it was after Joan had passed away. I run from the hurt and pain of losing Joan by throwing myself into moving. Before Landry was born I was so worried about not getting to be a stay-at-home mom I thought moving to a new city would solve all of our problems.

And now... I want to move because since my Nana has passed away life just doesn't feel the same. I want a new fresh start. I feel like any many ways I am losing a part of my extended family because of losing Nana. I want to get as far away as possible. I want new faces and places. I want to immerse myself in a new place and forget about all the problems and sadness that has enveloped where I am now.

So maybe I am not restless, maybe I run from my problems. I don't really know what the point of this post is/was but it was just something that has been weighing on me and I wanted to share.

Do you ever feel restless? Do you ever just want to move to a new place? 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Surfside Beach, SC Recap

We are so lucky to have family that has timeshares. Daniel's parents and my Pawpaw both have timeshares at Plantation Resort at Surfside Beach, SC (Myrtle Beach). My family started going to Plantation when I was around 8 years old; I went every summer until I went to college. It makes it almost feel like a second home. It is was such a fun coincidence when Daniel and I started dating and we realized our families owned at the same place.

Landry and I headed down Sunday to spend time with Daniel's parents and Daniel came down Wednesday evening. We were planning on staying until the following Tuesday (my family was coming down Friday and we were going to stay Saturday-Tuesday with them) but sadly our vacation had to be cut short. I had every intention of taking tons of pictures (I even took my DSLR) but it didn't happen. I think that is a sign of a good time... so caught up in the moment you don't think of taking pictures! Here are a few:

One of my friends said once you have a baby it is no longer "vacation" but instead a trip. No truer words have ever been spoken. We've never shared a room with Landry (she slept in her crib from the beginning) so having to share a room with her was tough. I woke up constantly through the night when you made noise or rolled over. Almost every day she decided 5:30am was a great time to wake up. On the plus side, I typically went to our room and took a nap (or watched Netflix on my iPad with my headphones) while Landry napped. It forced me to have a little downtown/me time which is very necessary for me when being constantly surrounded by people. 

However, it was nice to have extra hands on deck to help with Landry through the week. She was extra clingy though so it made it tough to take advantage of the help. Please don't take my complaining as whining... I definitely appreciated the change in scenery and the break from reality for a bit.

We stayed in a condo which is so nice when traveling with a baby. It made meal time for her so much easier, along with washing bottles, and clothes. The resort was not on the beach which growing up I despised. But now it is not a big deal. Landry was not a fan on the beach and I didn't enjoy trying to keep her from eating sand. Instead we spent a lot of time at the pool. There was a full size pool along with a kiddie pool. There is also another area with a zero-entry kiddie pool, a splash deck, and a lazy river. Landry really loved the zero-entry kiddie pool because in the shallower areas she could crawl and sit without problem. 

Daniel and I got to have a date night on Thursday. We first went and saw Jurassic World, which was really good. I mean you know the plot but it automatically sends you back to the 90's which what 20-something doesn't love? 

We had dinner at Driftwoods in Murrells Inlet. It was delicious! We got an appetizer of crab-stuffed mushrooms and then the Driftwood Platter for Two. It has shrimp, oysters, deviled crab, scallops, clam strips, and flounder. It was so much food and we had leftovers for the next night. 

In the evenings after Landry went to bed game night commenced. Cards were played (Spades, BS, and Monopoly Deal). My mother-in-law won one hand of spades and we were so proud of ourselves! We also played our fair amount of ladder ball and corn hole. Also game time was usually accompanied by Blue Moon. It was a nice treat because Daniel and I rarely buy beer anymore so it was a great way to unwind while at the beach. Daniel and I both say we wish we had friends in town that we could have game nights with. We love playing cards and board games! 

There was several things we wanted to do while we were down at the beach but it was TOO hot. We wanted to go to the Brookgreen Gardens and we wanted to bike at the Myrtle Beach State Park. Even though we didn't get to go out and about as much as I wanted (and we only went to the actual beach) it was a nice break. 

I am so excited that in October we are going to a resort in the Shenandoah Valley for a week! Since our vacation was cut short it will be a nice little family vacation. It will also just be Daniel, Landry, and I AND we will have a 2 bedroom condo so we won't have to share a room with Landry. Daniel and I both keep asking each other if it is October yet. Thanks in-laws for letting us use your timeshare for the fall and for having us this summer!! 

Do you have any fun summer plans? 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Daily Wears 06.23.15 Featuring eShakti

*I was provided a dress c/o eShakti. As always all opinions are 100% my own.  

We're back from vacation (we actually have been back since Saturday) and I finally got my butt in gear to post! I received this dress courtesy of eShakti and I am in love! Ordering was super easy and shipping/delivery was so quick.

I had never ordered from eShakti before but I had seen several posts/reviews so I had been very interested. The coolest part is the customization! Not only can you change necklines and hem length but you can also give your measurements so that the dress is specifically made to fit you!

I did not have a tape measure (but eShakti sent me one!) so I chose to just order my typical dress size. However, I did customize the length of the dress and sleeves. I changed the dress from above the knees to at the knees and added short sleeves. I am not always the most comfortable in sleeveless things but so many cute dress are sleeveless. I loved that I could add that detail that made me so much more comfortable. The quality of the dress also blows me away. It is lined which is always important and the embroidery detail is perfection.

I ordered this dress specifically for date nights (white does not lend itself to play time with a 10 month old). I love that the chiffon material can be dress or a little more casual depending on how I accessorize. My trusty cargo vest + birkenstocks made the dress more easy going with a little bit of a boho vibe. This dress is the perfect addition to my capsule wardrobe and will be perfect for a little bit nicer of occasions.

Here are a few goodies I have my eye on (for my fall capsule wardrobe, of course!):

I am attending the Maiedae Mixer in October and I think the purple dress would be perfect for it! I love the yellow skirt for the fall, it would look wonderful with the leaves changing colors. I am all about chambray shirts (I own 3) but I think the scallop detail on this one is so perfect. I realized I am lacking in maxi dresses but I think this one could make such a great addition. 

eShakti has also graciously offered a discount code to my readers! Use the code InvasionofPersonalSpace at check out to receive 10% off your order. Coupon code is good now through July 15!

Please note: 
Code has to be entered in the ‘promotional code’ box. It is not case-sensitive. 
Code can be used any number of times until the validity period. 
It can be combined with any other promotional offer, gift coupon or gift card in the same order unless explicitly specified otherwise in the offer conditions. 
This discount code is not applicable on clearance, gift cards & overstock categories. 
Not applicable on previous purchases

Have you ever shopped with eShakti? What goodies are you drooling over? 

Dress- c/o eShakti (sold out, but similar)
Vest- Old Navy via Poshmark (similar)
Shoes- Birkenstocks via Poshmark
Earrings- Target (similar)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Beach Essentials for Mom & Dad

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

Yesterday I shared our beach essentials for baby and today I am sharing beach essentials for mom and dad, aka Daniel and me. 

Y'all remember when I was in search of a new swimsuit? Well if you like my page on facebook you might have seen my update that I ended up not getting any of those suits but instead found this Reebok one at Dick's Sporting Goods. I am really pleased with it so far! Daniel sticks with plain swim trunks and an Under Armour Compression Tank. He has to wear a tank because when he was a kid he got 3rd degree burns on his back (expired sunscreen!!) and ended up in the hospital. So now he wears a tank for extra protection. We both love our rainbows for the beach, more supportive than regular flip-flops. 

I have a giant head and rarely can find hats that fit my head. But I luckily found a few years ago a white sun hat from target that fits; Daniel rocks the baseball caps. Our go-to sunglasses are our Oakleys (unstoppable for me, radar path for him), but we both worry in the ocean we will lose them so we each have a pair of cheaper sunglasses for the beach. 

Daniel loves Banana Boat Sport sunscreen. I am not picky with sunscreen but I did buy L'Oreal's Sunscreen for Face because regular sunscreen is too greasy for my face. L'Oreal's face sunscreen is so silky smooth, I am digging it! We both carry our Camelbaks to the beach (love the ease of a straw). Neither one of us have super protective cases on our phone so in order to protect them against the sand and water we both have water-proof bags for them. You can still use your phone when it is in the bag (they are also perfect for kayaking). 

I got this mat for park trips to keep us dry when the grass is damp, but it is perfect for the beach too. It's huge, but folds up so nicely. It's mold and mildew resistant which is also nice, highly recommend! I found my beach bag at Target. It is simple, no fuss but can easily be wiped down if there is any kind of issues. We also found our towels at Target, they were on clearance so we were sold. The shed like crazy though! 

What are your beach essentials? 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Beach Essentials for Baby

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

I have scoured over beach essentials for babies. You should see my pinterest searches! I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed for Landry while we are down here, but I also didn't want anything unnecessary or extra. The resort is not on the beach or within walking distance so I knew that we needed to watch how much we had with out when going to the beach. This list is also our pool essentials. 

Luckily, we were able to a "test-run" of a beach trip with Landry a couple of weekends ago. Lake James State Park is not too far from where we live and they have a "beach area" so we loaded up our stuff and took Landry one day. I think we were sufficiently prepared. Hopefully that translates well for our trip. I'll let y'all know when we get back! 

 Sun protection is so important to our family. Not only because my Nana use to work for a dermatologist and beat it into my brain to take care of my skin, but also because Daniel is a ginger. As of right now Landry looks like she might be taking after Daniel with her fair skin so we want to take extra precautions! I use babyganics sunscreen constantly when going to the park and it does great, Landry has not gotten burnt yet! We also opt for rash guards (with spf 50) to help cover up! We also got this cute rash guard set at Target.We also have 5 different head coverings for Landry, the iplay one definitely stays on great. We also have a speedo hat (perfect for the pool), a swim cap, a Carter's wide-brim hat, and a baseball cap.  Our little baldy needs her head covered up! 

I love iplay's swim diapers, we have 4 of them and they are reusable. I also don't usually put swim bottoms on here because the diapers are so cute themselves! Normally Landry wears moccasins but I wanted some shoes that could get wet so I bought these iplay swim shoes (I promise this post is not sponsored by iplay, I just really love their summer products!) based on some recommendations from moms online. 

I don't see the need to take a ton of toys to the beach/pool because Landry really doesn't require that much. But I did buy these Hape Sand Toys set. I love it because it is so much more sturdy than some sand toys. I really think they will last year to year. My mother-in-law also gave us a pool float for Landry. 

Landry's little Skip Hop lunch box is perfect for throwing her sippy cup (got to keep her hydrated) and some snacks into to have at the beach. It also fits one of her bottles which is good to have just in case. 

Ok to seasoned moms this might not be a big revelation but some one told me to use baby powder to get sand off of babies and oh my gosh! It works wonderfully. When we went to the lake I used it to get the wet sand out of all of Landry's rolls. I also used it on myself and it worked perfectly! So I big old thing of baby powder will be going with us. 

You might notice I did not include an umbrella or shade. Well Landry doesn't stay still and she sure has heck does not nap out and about. So we really didn't see the point in investing in something like that because it won't get used. Also we just have a regular beach towel for her. Nothing too exciting.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on the beach essentials for Daniel and me!

What are your essentials for beaching it up with a baby? Any tips or suggestions? 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Playlist of My Life- Songs of Summer

As you know music is my love language. Naturally I had to make a playlist for our trip down to the beach. My Songs of Summer if you will. Not every song is necessarily about summer or the beach but for some reason they just make me feel like summer when I listen to them.

Naturally, the majority of Kenny Chesney songs could be put on this list but I decided to just stick with Summertime. Also several Zac Brown Band songs could be added, but I decided to limit myself.  For some reason songs about being young and wild automatically make me think of summer. I think because summer feels so carefree and filled with possibilities. It is the time to try new things and maybe be a tad bit reckless. ;)

Landry and I came to the beach yesterday to stay with Daniel's parents. Daniel is coming down Wednesday and we will be down here till next Tuesday.  I have posts lined up for everything other day while I am out of town but I will not be as active on social media! Feel free to leave comments or email if you have any questions or need anything. I am so excited to decompress and enjoy over a week vacation!!!

What are some of your favorite summer songs? 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Turn Off Your Computer

I know, what kind of blog post is titled "Turn Off Your Computer"... well this one! I am going to keep it short and simple today. Today I am turning off my computer, turning off my iPad, deleting my facebook/instagram/twitter apps, and turning off the tv for the day. I am unplugging today because this week I have been attached to my electronics. I spent 3 hours last night at Chick-fil-a working on blog posts and I have binged watched A LOT of shows this week.

Join me today in taking a little technology hiatus. Go outside and take in the warm summer day, grab a book (not a kindle/ipad/e-reader). Play with your pups, play with your kids, talk to your spouse. Grab scrabble (not Words with Friends) and sit down and play a real game. I think it is healthy for us all to detox from electronics, if just for the day.

Now tomorrow life will be back to normal but maybe the little break will make me think twice before I pick up my phone to scroll through facebook or before I binge watch another show on netflix. I really want to begin being more intentional about my time using electronics. I do not want Landry to grow up seeing me paying more attention to my phone than her. Even if I am taking pictures of her or instagraming. It is ok to have memories that are not shared with the world!

Here is a great infographic from Greatist if you need tips for unplugging.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Suppose To's

I apologize for the later than normal post. Yesterday I thought my computer was done-for, but I didn't a system reset and luckily it seems to be working again. Yay!!

Blogging can be difficult. I know people might think that sounds silly, but for me it really can be. Not because of needing to make time for it or coming up with topics to talk about or putting myself out there. Instead it is hard for me not to get wrapped up in the suppose-to's.

Am I suppose to be writing more personal essays? Sharing my feelings and thoughts more. Am I suppose to be doing more outfit posts? Am I suppose to be working really hard to monetize my blog? Am I suppose to be approaching brands and companies about partnerships and sponsorships? Am I suppose to have more of a focus, more of a niche? Am I suppose to be a mommy blogger, a fashion blogger? 

All of the suppose to's just start mounting up and can make blogging seem like a mountain instead of a mole hill. I think that can translate to the real world. We all get wrapped up in the suppose-to's of life. I hear it from friends "I'm suppose to be in a serious relationship by now, I am suppose-to be married by now, I'm suppose to have kids by now." I hear it from myself, "I am suppose to be going after my dream career, I am suppose to be a pinterest-worthy mom, I am suppose to be a stepford housewife." 

However, eventually we have to cast aside the suppose-to's. There is no one-size fits all for blogging, let alone life. Instead of focusing on the "suppose-to's" let's start focusing on what we actually want, not what we are suppose to want.

So as far as blogging goes, I want to blog about my everyday life, motherhood, outfits, and things related to babies. Sometimes I want to share parts of my heart with y'all, get a little deeper and more personal. Sometimes I just want to share pictures from the weekend or an outfit I particularly liked. I hope y'all are fine with it.

As far as life, I want to be a stay-at-home mom right now, I want to be a fun mom. I do not necessarily want to have the prettiest house, the prettiest meals. I don't really care about pretty. I care about fun, laughs, and love.

What do you feel like you a "suppose-to" do? What do you actually want?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Daily Wears 06.10.15

I wore this outfit last week to Winston-Salem for my Papa's b-day dinner. And this dress is the the most comfy dress. Baggy and loose fitting and it has pockets. I am all about dresses with pockets! If you follow me on instagram you saw my post about these birkenstocks. I got them for $20.00 on poshmark and they were practically new. I was beyond stoked! I know I've already sang poshmark's praises but I can't recommend them enough. I first started using it as a seller but I have become a buyer and very pleased with my purchases and ease of use. Use my code PQZZN to receive a $5.00 credit to your account when you sign up/download the app. 

This outfit just feels very me. Put together but not fussy and earth tones. I also love that the stripes hide messes better than solid colors. I feel like I am constantly covered in food or drool or something sticky so it is so important for my outfits to hide all the uh-ohs. What is it with babies and kids constantly being sticky? I don't get it! Somehow Landry just always have sticky feeling hands. Yuck! 

This week seems to be dragging on. Yesterday I woke up and swore it was the weekend; I was really disappointed to discover I was very wrong. I feel like my brain is already on vacation (we leave for the beach next Wednesday). I am struggling to be productive or get anything I need to done, like deep cleaning the house. I'm hoping I can get my butt in gear today! 

Any suggestions on how to get motivated? Any one else feel like this week is dragging?

This is not a sponsored post by poshmark. I just really really love the company and want y'all to know about them! 

Dress- GAP
Vest- Old Navy via poshmark (similar)
Bag- Fossil (similar)
Necklace- Eleventh Avenue
Bracelets- Alex and Ani, Kate Spade c/o Tagspire, & Etsy 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May Gratitude

At the beginning of May I bought a new planner. One of my favorite features is each day there is a box for my 'Daily Gratitude'. I like to say I am a realist but in reality I am a pessimist. Like not even glass half-empty, more like there wasn't anything in the glass to begin with. It isn't a trait I am particularly proud of. Most people actually think I am pretty optimistic person. Fun fact- senior year of high school I won a scholarship from the Optimist Club because I was picked to be the most optimistic and positive senior. Some of my closest friends found it pretty amusing. 

Any way, I want to work on seeing the positives in life and not fixating on the negatives. So every day keeping track of a gratitude really helps to change my thinking and point of view. I really think it might be helping some. For example, we are going to the beach next week for vacation. I have been dreading it. Worrying about how Landry will do, how her schedule is going to get messed up, how I will do being around people that much (I have become so much more introverted since being a stay-at-home mom), and a million other worries. However, yesterday I told Daniel I am changing my outlook and going in with a better attitude. 

So I thought I would share my gratitude list from May with y'all! It is only for half of the month because of when I got my planner. But I will keep sharing over the next several months. 
  1. Landry's doctor appointment went well, she is growing great! 
  2. Landry slept until 6:50am.
  3. Being able to afford to pick up dinner after a really hard exhausting day.
  4. Papa being safe after getting a flat tire on the way to come see me. 
  5. Having time during the day to watch Grey's Anatomy.
  6. Local farms and their delicious produce. 
  7. Go-to outfits that make getting ready easy. 
  8. For arguments that turn into productive conversations. 
  9. An understanding husband who is patient when I am in a bad mood. 
  10. A slower paced day. 
  11. 4 years of marriage that were celebrated by kayaking! 
  12. Former co-workers who are more like family and friends. 
  13. Coffee.
  14. Landry did not cry during the confirmation service!
  15. Having more than we need and being able to donate the excess.
  16. Thunderstorms and much needed rain.
  17. Parks for providing free entertainment.
  18. Friendships that pick up right where they left off. 
  19. Weekends with a husband who pulls his share of the weight and takes the burden off of me. 
  20. Long drives through the mountains. 
  21. Joy in the mundane tasks.

What are you grateful for? Are you naturally pessimistic or optimistic? Any tips for looking on the bright side?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Birthday to My Dear

It's this guy's birthday. He turns the big 26, which in case you didn't know means in North Carolina he can now drive a boat without a license. I have loved spending your 25th year with you. Seeing you become a dad has been such a privilege of mine. You are fantastic with Landry and you can see how much she loves and adores you. Every time I see you with her I am reminded of how lucky am to be yours and you mine. Thank you for being born because I wouldn't want to raise a family and grow old with any one but you. I love you so much sweetie! Enjoy your special day and get excited about a tasty dinner with dessert when you get home tonight! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Why We're Only Having One Child

Yesterday when I posted Landry's 10 month update I made a comment that we are only going to have one child. I have had people ask our reasoning behind only having one child so I thought I would share. Let me first say this is our decision, it does not mean we think every one should only have one child or that we judge anyone who has several kids. I also hope every one would give us the same respect back.

Our number one reason for having an only child really comes down to finances. Raising a child is expensive! Having one is also incredibly expensive even with health insurance. We probably paid over $7,000 out-of-pocket for prenatal care and delivery for Landry. We are still paying for just the delivery of Landry! I am so incredibly grateful that I get to be a stay-at-home mom but that also means we are sacrificing an additional income. We want to be able to still go on vacations, hopefully travel internationally, and allow Landry to really participate in different activities when she gets older. In all honesty that might not be possible if we have more children. I know it sounds awfully pragmatic and cold to look at money when deciding to have more children but it is the hard truth. It is expensive and we don't want to have to cut out possible opportunities in order to have another.

Another major reason is my sanity. I am not sure I could handle two children to be honest. It sounds completely overwhelming and kind of makes me want to have a panic attack. Of course there are the times that I fantasize about having another, about being pregnant again (then I remember how I hated being pregnant), and about watching my children play together. But then I think about the days that Landry is crying and fussing for no reason, when leaving the house with her seems so overwhelming and difficult. I think about adding another child to all of that and I can't even. I also did not necessarily love the newborn stage with Landry so I can't really imagine having to go through it again.

Yes there are plenty of reasons to have more children, like a playmate for Landry. But I know so many siblings that once they are older they have nothing to do with one another. I was an only-child (until I was 19) and I really had no issue with it.

Also a funny little story. I told God when we decided to have a baby that if we were meant to only have one child let our first be a daughter. If we were meant to have more than one make our first a son because I would want to try again for a daughter. haha So I take it as a sign from God to stop having children. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

10 Month Update

Dear Landry, 

This last month has been something, hasn't it? It has been a little tough for both of us. I know it has to be so frustrating trying to communicate with us and we are so clueless. And the walking thing? Must be maddening that you want to so bad but your legs just won't cooperate. Things are starting to happen so fast and quick and I know I haven't been as patient and understanding this past month. I'm sorry, sweetie. All I can say is I will try to do better. I am so excited for the rest of the summer together. I promise this next month is going to go a lot better. For both of us! 


At her 9 month appointment her weight was 23 lbs and she was 30 inches long! She was in the 95th percentile for weight and 99th for height. Needless to say we have ourselves a big girl! Looks like she could be tall like her dad!


Don't even get me started. This last month has been all over the place. She will sleep great one day and then terrible the next. And for most of the month she has been waking up super early. Like 5am early. I feel like we have regressed with sleep some too. There has been several days where she has gone to bed before 6:30pm. We haven't done that in a LONG time. Plus it seems like her wake time has gotten shorter. It's been crazy.


Again there has been no normal. Some days 24 ozs of formula other days over 32 ozs of formula. Some days she eats her solid food great! Other days not so much.


Landry wears mainly 18 month clothing and has even gotten some 24 months clothes recently and they kind of fit her.

Favorite Toys

Landry loves all stuffed animals. I also got her a Green Toys dump truck and she really loves it! But of course more than anything she loves every day household items that are not meant to be toys. Like toilet paper.


She is such a strong-willed girl, if she wants something she is going to try her hardest to get it. I've said it before but she is also so brave and fearless. She will climb anything, jump off, and roll around. She's a wild one and I think we will have our hands full, but I wouldn't want it any other way! 

Milestones/Things To Remember

Landry has 8 teeth and is working on 9 and 10.

She has started learning how to give high-fives. It's so adorable.

She is standing up on her own (without pulling up on anything) consistently now and will stay standing.

Landry swam in a real pool for the first time (and by swim I mean floated around in her floatie.)


Other children (seriously fascinated by then and it occasionally makes me feel a little bad that we are only having one child)

Quinoa pizza bites (she gobbles them up!)


Going down the slide.

Her dogs!

Things I Want to Remember

The times she snuggles her head into my chest and just sits with me.

Her mischievous smile when she is about to do something I just told her not to.

The way she snuggles close to Rin and loves her so much.

Looking Forward To

Her walking, seriously could that please happen? She is getting so frustrated that she can't!