Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I'm For

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I am doing another post of What I'm For. If you are new around these parts here's the post that explains a little bit more. I would love for everyone to share what they are for today! Remember, it can be silly or serious or somewhere in between.

I'm for letting your child cry it out. I never thought I would be a mom who let's their baby cry it out, it always seemed so harsh. But now I completely get it (in moderation of course and not when sick/teething). Landry was going through a little growth spurt last week which resulted in not the best naps. I let her cry it out a little which saved my sanity and helped lengthen her nap a little bit. 

I'm for game nights. Oh how I wish we had friends in town because game nights would be on! My group of friends senior year of high school were all about game nights, which was fantastic! We even went to Starbucks one time (IT HAD A FIREPLACE!!) and played games... including Jenga (the best game because instead of one winner, there's one loser).  Yeah we weren't those high schoolers out partying and drinking, we were the ones playing Cranium on the weekends. Daniel and I still love playing cards, FRIENDS Scene It, and Scrabble. We have tons of games but most are more fun/require more than 2 players. 

I'm for cupcakes. I love cupcakes. In town our local bakery is named My Local Bakery and it's delicious. Their cupcakes are jumbo sized gourmet cupcakes. I love the variety of flavors and I love how cute cupcakes are. And you don't have to slice anything let you do with a cake. And the frosting to cake ratio is perfect. Cupcakes for every one!  

I'm for taking time. Taking time to mourn, to grieve, to not be ok. So often I feel the need to have it together and can handle everything. But when you lose someone you love, someone who has been one of the biggest influences on your life, it is ok to not be able to handle it. It is ok to grieve, to cry, and to wear gym clothes or even your pjs for several days in a row. Take that time and then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward.

What are you for? 


  1. Beautiful post, Brit. I am for making at least one person's day just a little bit brighter each and every day. God gave me the gift of encouragement and I'm convicted when I don't use it. Have a wonderful day with sweet Landry and yes, it's okay to let her "cry it out" sometimes. Love you!

    1. Jane you are such a great encourager! Love you too!

  2. I love this!! It would make such a fun link up!

    1. You are so right! I might have to do that!


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