Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

How was everyone's weekend? I feel like my weekend started on Thursday night with our anniversary date night. It was so nice to have a date night during the week! That has never happened! We had our neighbor Gail watch Landry (she also kept Landry for the month I was back at work). 

We started the evening with checking out a new-to-us restaurant in town, Asian Fusion Kitchen. We both got the pad thai (which was delicious) and I tried bubble tea for the first time. 

After dinner we headed up to Lake James which is absolutely beautiful. The mountains in the background and there is a beachy area where we can park our kayaks and get in the water. It was so nice to get outside in the fresh area and kayak. It really is something special Daniel and I share and we haven't gotten to do it since September of 2013! I was pregnant with Landry and then since having Landry we just haven't gotten around to it. Our kayaks have just sat in the garage looking so sad and lonely. 

After dinner we went to park and walked on the greenway for a little bit. 

Friday I met one of my former co-workers from Lane Bryant for lunch at Cracker Barrel. Landry loved the little rocking chairs outside. It was so nice to catch up!! I also picked up my new-to-me Ford Escape Hybrid! It's silver and gets amazing gas mileage and gives us so much more room than my little Toyota Matrix did. 

Saturday was more of a productive day full of grocery shopping and cooking. I also got an adorable baby book (finally) for Landry. I know she is already 10 months old but it's better late than never, right? 

Sunday Daniel's cousin had his confirmation so we attended the service and afterwards we went to his aunt and uncle's house for a cookout/swimming. Landry got in a full-size pool for the first time! It was a little chilly but overall she enjoyed. No crying so we consider it a win! Daniel and I were glad that we got to see how Landry did a real pool with our upcoming beach trip in June. Landry is so squinty in all the pictures but she won't keep sunglasses on! 

Monday did not go quite as we planned. Landry woke up super early and after poor sleep most of the weekend was fussy all day. I also didn't feel good the later part of the day. On the bright side we did major purging of EVERYTHING in our house. We took the biggest box to Goodwill. I love getting rid of things (I hate stuff!) so it made an otherwise not so great Monday a little better.

Stay tuned the week for the last week of my mini-capsule wardrobe. I will have outfit posts the next three days and then Friday I will do a recap! 

What did you do this weekend? Any big plans for the week?


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