Friday, May 8, 2015

Playlist of My Life- Songs for Mourning

Music is my therapy. I am wholeheartedly a lyrics person. Music speaks the words of my soul that I haven't found yet. Music comforts me when I sad, rejoices with me when I am happy. Music just gets me when no one else does. 

In college there were numerous times I would take long rides with various close friends and we would just listen to music. Many of those times were results of huge life events, breakups, family problems, and fights with friends. Sometimes it was just because exam time was over, we had time to kill, it was a pretty night to drive with the windows down and the music up. I have a lot of great memories from college but those car rides, man, those are the things that stick with you. So many tears, so many laughs. 

One of my best friends would frequently make CDs for me and me for him. That is still one of the best gifts ever. I love a good playlist, the thought that goes into making them. Finding the right song, for the right situation. Knowing which songs will bring the words of comfort, joy, or just a good time for someone. Music is my love language. There are so many times I want to just send people mixed CDs because of something they are going through, but I don't because I think they might find me weird. If you ever want to do something to make me feel cared about, a thoughtful mixed CD is right there at the top! 

All of this is to say I am going to start sharing some "Playlists of My Life". First up is Songs for Mourning. I know that might sound kind of depressing and dreary but honestly listening to this playlist really helps me. My grandma that raised me passed away almost 2.5 years ago and it was the first time I had lost an immediate family member. I made this playlist then and would listen to it when driving to work. I would just cry and cry, but I needed those tears to come out.

Some of the songs are angrier songs, some are hopeful, some of them religious. It allows me to feel all the emotions surrounding mourning the loss of a loved one. As y'all know, my Nana passed away less than a month ago. This playlist has come in handy the last week or so as I have been moving through the grieving process. Maybe it will help you too. 

Any songs that you listen to when mourning the loss of a loved one? Do you love making playlists? 


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