Friday, May 29, 2015

Mini-Capsule Wardrobe Review

I wanted to do a little breakdown/review of what I have learned over the last almost 40 days during my mini-capsule wardrobe/40 days to a better me. Here is the original post if you want to check it out. 

First off I have no stuck with using My Fitness Pal every day. I was doing pretty good except for weekends but then the last couple of weeks I have been sporadic with it. I have lost 8 pounds overall which I am proud of. I lost a lot at the beginning and have tapered off but not put any back on which I count as a win. I am definitely not where I want to be but it is a start and gives me the motivation to continue. 

I have also started the Blogilates 28 day beginner challenge. I have missed a few days this week because life has been a little crazy but overall I am proud of how well I am following the plan. I would definitely recommend checking it out. It is pilates but Cassey leads videos and they are fantastic! Plus completely free. I can feel myself getting stronger. I now need to add in some cardio and I would be pretty good to go! 

Ok so on to the clothes...

Here are three things I am getting rid of. I love my little denim vest but I do NOT love it being cropped. I find it hard to figure out what to wear it with and I think a regular denim vest instead of cropped would work better for me. 

I hate these pants. I bought them at the end of winter out of desperation and they were on sale. They have never fit great and they are too cropped for my liking. I also only wore them once during my mini-capsule because once it consistently stays above 70 degrees I don't wear pants because I hate them. 

I used to love this Lane Bryant blouse but both outfits I posted on the blog wearing it (here and here) I did not like! I felt frumpy and too soccer mom looking. That is not the style I am wanting to go for. 

All three of these items I am selling on my Poshmark account. It is a website/app where you can buy and sell used clothing and accessories. I have sold several items (which is helping me pay for new additions to my wardrobe for summer) and have bought a couple of things. I highly recommend checking it out! And if you do use my code when you sign-up PQZZN you will get a $5.00 credit to use anywhere on the site! (By the way, this is not a sponsored post I am just a HUGE poshmark fan and if you are downsizing your closet it is a great resource. I get so much more money from it than I do from consignment stores. They do not take as large of a percentage!) 

I did not wear these cardigans once, but I am not getting rid of them. I wear them tons in fall and winter and even early spring. But dummy me, I forgot that once May hits in the south you are pretty much already in summer so there is no place for cardigans. They will just get packed away into storage and saved for another season. 

On to my favorite pieces...

You know how I said I got paint on my chambray  shirt and thought it was a lost cause? I GOT THE PAINT OUT (insert praise hand emojiis). I wear this shirt a lot and I know it will be carried over to my summer capsule wardrobe. It is light weight, makes a nice little "jacket" when it a chilly inside, and I just love it! 

This grey dress has also been one of my favorites. It is so easy, breezy (beautiful covergirl... I couldn't help myself). It was like the sweatpants of dresses but looks nicer. 

I have sang the praises of my trusty cargo vest before. It is really like the security blanket of my wardrobe. When I feel iffy about any outfit or just not like myself I throw my vest on and instantly feel more me. 

My hello tee-shirt has been worn continously. I love the loser baggy feel and I have even worn it to work out in. Unfortunately there is two small stains on the front after so much wear. I am still working on getting them out but no luck so far. I really hope to save it!! 

Besides my Sam Edelman flats (lower image) I wore all my shoes a ton! I love shoes and I love rotating shoes with my outfit. I love my Sam Edelman flats but they are not summer shoes. They will be put away until fall or winter when I know I will get more wear out of them. 

I love my fake birkenstocks. I love them so much I am really really considering real birkenstocks. Like I need to sell a lot more of my stuff on poshmark and then use the money to buy me birkenstocks because it would completely be worth every penny!! I wore my TOMS and my saltwater sandals like crazy too. I definitely will be adding more shoes to my capsule wardrobe for the summer. I didn't have enough! 

Here are my favorite outfits from the last 40 days...

I think what these outfits have in common is comfort, but put together. They are minimalistic but also a little eclectic. I said in my Tagspire interview that my style is classic with a little bit of a boho/hippie vibe and I definitely think that is true. Doing this capsule wardrobe helped bring me back to the heart of my style. And that really is why I did it. 

When you strip away the excess, the noise, the consumerism, you really get to the heart of what YOU like, what YOU are comfortable in, what flatters YOU. I am so excited about my summer wardrobe because I have almost finished up my shopping and the pieces in my wardrobe really feel me. My mini-capsule had bits and pieces of me, but overall was not. It was a mish-mash of things that fit my post-partum body, not necessarily things I loved. I only want to buy pieces from here on out that I absolutely love! Not things I think I can make work because they were on sale.  

So I know I did not show y'all anywhere close to all the outfits/outfit combos that could have been made with my wardrobe. But to be honest I don't always get "dressed up" depending on the day. Some days it really is a running shorts and tee kind of day. My goal for this next go-round is to make a conscious effort to get dressed in real clothes (not loungewear/pjs/workout gear) at least 5 days a week. I know that sounds like a silly goal but when you are a stay-at-home mom you will be surprised how often it doesn't happen. I feel better and more productive when I take the time to put on real clothes (I rarely stay in pjs but usually just wear workout gear unless we have big plans). 

Please come back Monday to check out my summer capsule wardrobe! I really am excited about it and I can't wait to share with y'all! 

Have you considered doing a capsule wardrobe? If so please leave a link in comments (if you blog). I would love to hear about your journey! 

Any tips for getting stains out of a shirt?


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  2. I signed up for Poshmark, but never saw where to put the code. Bummer! I can't wait to see what pieces you are buying to add. I'm so inspired by what you have done and thinking of this being my June project. I need to go through my clothes BAD!!! Thanks again for the inspiration! Keep on rock'n mama!

    1. I'm sorry it didn't have a place to enter the code. That's so weird!
      You should do a capsule wardrobe!! It is so freeing and helps to be more mindful of spending on clothing!


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