Thursday, May 28, 2015

Daily Wears 05.28.15

I feel like for the last outfit I post for my mini-capsule wardrobe I should post an outfit I absolutely love! Unfortunately, that is not the case. I liked the outfit in theory but once I put it on I hated it. You might be wondering why did I post it then? Because that is part of the process of limiting your wardrobe. You make mistakes, you realize pieces you own don't work and don't fit your style. You wear things that you are not comfortable in/don't feel like yourself. And hopefully the next go-round you make better decisions, you've honed your style, you've figured out what works on your body, and what feels like you. So I will show you outfits I don't care for because it has helped me better figure out the ones I do like! 

This is outfit just screams "soccer mom" to me and that is not me. I really do prefer outfits with more of a minimalistic/boho feel to them. Outfits a little more eclectic or surprising. Nothing about this outfit really fits into those categories. Only good thing about it was it was comfortable. 

My shorts are officially becoming too big, which is a good thing but also a bad thing. I still don't fit into my old pre-baby shorts but these are too big. I guess I will make do with these shorts until I am no longer in-between sizes. 

Tomorrow I will be doing a recap of my capsule wardrobe so stay tuned!! 

How would you describe your style? 

Top- Lane Bryant (similar)
Shorts- Old Navy 
Purse- Lane Bryant (similar)
Shoes- Sam Edelman 
Earrings- Target (similar)


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