Monday, May 11, 2015

Daily Wears 05.11.15

If I had one piece of clothing that I could not part with it would be my green cargo vest. When I feel like an outfit just needs something, I throw this vest on and I feel a million times more comfortable and put together. It's also awesome to wear with dresses because it gives me pockets! 

I wore this outfit out to lunch with a friend. I think the vest and belt helped make this dress a little more casual. Also I think I need to find a new cargo vest to replace this one; it is so old and faded but I can't part with it till I find the perfect replacement 

So cool story about my necklace. My mom use to live outside of Wilmington, NC (where Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, and A Walk To Remember were filmed). Well when One Tree Hill was wrapping up filming they had a huge sale in Wilmington of clothes, accessories, and different things from the set. My mom got me this necklace and another one for Christmas from the sale. She had no idea I was a big One Tree Hill fan, she just thought it looked cool (which it does, I love leaves!). I always feel cool wearing it because it's my One Tree Hill necklace. Yeah, y'all can think I am dorky but I totally embrace it! 

Enough about my outfit... how was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty darn great. The warmer the weather the happier I am. I love it! We played at the park AND got to play in the splash pad. We also got to play in the baby pool in our backyard which might sound lame but it actually incredibly fun. Mother's Day was also fantastically nice and relaxing. Both Saturday and Sunday Daniel let me sleep in while he got up with Landry which was extra nice because Landry decided to start her day at 5:45am both days. 

Y'all I was so appreciative the calls, texts, and facebook messages. I know I didn't answer the calls, respond to every text, or facebook post but I really did appreciate it. It made my first mother's day extra special. However, this day has always been a harder day for me. As I have mentioned before my mom did not raise me, my grandparents did and they adopted me when I was younger. When Mother's Day would roll around (especially when I got to be a teenager and could understand how different my situation was) I would always get really upset because I didn't have my mom around in the traditional since. It still can get to me now and add that it was the first Mother's Day without my Nana, it just was extra hard. But luckily I had my sweet little family to focus on. 

This post ended up being a little longer and wordy than I planned! 

How was everyone's weekend? Any suggestions or where to find a new cargo vest? 

Dress- Target
Vest- JcPenney (similar)
Belt- Target (similar
Earrings- Stein Mart (similar)
Necklace- Gift (similar)


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