Thursday, May 7, 2015

Daily Wears 05.07.15

Yes this is one of my skirts from my mini-capsule wardrobe. Just hike that thing up and throw a belt on and you have a dress.

Let me start by saying that this is not a baby proof kind of outfit. This is a "go on a date with your husband or have your husband doing all the lifting of said baby" outfit (I know long name for this type of outfit). Otherwise other people are going to be seeing parts of me that they shouldn't!

I really like this outfit though, it reminds me of how I dressed before-baby, BB if you will. BB I was a little more adventuresome with my clothes and frequently had people tell me that I dressed a little different and had my own style. But after baby (AB) I have really struggled with finding the fun in clothes. Initially I was being spit up on frequently and I didn't want to mess up my clothes. And then things didn't fit the same as before, and then I just became lazy and resorted to the same ole, some ole. I wanted to blend in and not really be noticed.

I am getting back to wanting to have fun with my clothes and sometimes stand out a little bit! 

I highly recommend trying out a capsule wardrobe if you are feeling uninspired by your clothes. If for no other reason than to force you to think of your clothing differently. I am really beginning to narrow down what I find important in what I wear. I want comfy clothes that are machine washable. On top of that I want to look effortlessly put together and I like a little more eclectic looks. 

I am looking forward to seeing what I discover the rest of May! Also the shopping ban is really going easier than expected. I unsubscribed to most store emails because that was very tempting (ALL THE SALES). I have bought Landry a few things but it has all been in preparation for our beach trip in June. 

Anybody else doing a capsule wardrobe? Considering it? Any creative ways to wear different clothing items? 

Shirt- Old Navy
Dress/Skirt- Old Navy (similar)
Shoes- Target
Bag- Fossil (similar)
Belt- Gap (similar)
Necklace- DIY
Bracelet- Target (similar)


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