Tuesday, May 5, 2015

9 Month Update

Monthly pictures have gotten to the point where they are impossible. This is the best I could get this month.

Dear Landry, 

You are a little ball of fun! You are now getting into everything! I spend most of my time trying to keep you from eating things you shouldn't and hurting yourself. Luckily you are a strong and tough little girl and never really cry when you fall or get hurt. You are so brave and fearless, I love seeing those characteristics in you. They will take you far in life. You are also a mama's girl through and through. It's not to say you don't love your daddy, you two have so much fun together and he is definitely the silly parent. But at the end of the day you want your mommy. Sometimes it get be a little exhausting but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. You are my little buddy, my shadow. Let's stay this close forever? Even when you are a crazy hormonal teenager and I am that embarrassing mom that has no clue about pop culture. Let's still hang out and have Chickfila dates, ok? 


Based on me weighing her she is around 22 lbs, so not really any change from last month. She goes for her 9 month appointment next Monday so we will have an official height and weight then!


Naps were getting a little bit better but then these last few days naps have been turned upside down. This past Saturday she only took 1 nap! And then yesterday she took 3 short naps. I think she is going through a growth spurt/mental leap/teething so it has thrown everything off.

It seems like Landry is moving towards only 11 hours of sleep at night. I am really hoping we can get back to 12 but I think that means we will have to cut naps back some.


She had cut back to around 24 ozs of formula a day. But the last week she has gone back to 32 ozs plus eating her solids. We doing pretty much only table foods at this point. She will have a pouch of purees when we are on the go or out and about but I do not spoon feed her purees anymore.

She loves fruit! Bananas are a given but raspberries are a close second. She also really likes eggs.


She can still wear some 12 month clothing but 18 months fits better. 12 month shirts sometimes are a little short and the pants are a little tight in the bottom because of her cloth diapers. She looks so adorable in little shorts. I love seeing her little leg rolls, especially since they are getting smaller :(

Favorite Toys

I have this Lorax stuffed animal that my best friend gave me back in college. Landry has recently discovered it and it goes everywhere with her. I wanted her to become attached to one of her blabla dolls the way she is to this thing, but I guess I am already learning that she isn't necessarily going to always like what I like.

Her books are also one of her favorite toys. She loves pulling them off the shelves and flipping through the pages. She has one touch and feel book that she is obsessed with. She can find it out of all her books and then just rubs the furry animals in it.


Like I said earlier she is a fearless, brave little girl who is into everything! She is also a sweetheart. She can give the best little snuggles and kisses. She is so sweet with her stuffed animals. She is also so sweet and gentle with the pups. It just makes me heart explode. I can't wait to see more of her personality develop. That is really the best part of being a mom, guiding this little spirit to develop into what she was made to be. 

Milestones/Things To Remember

Landry now has 5 teeth and it working on popping 6 and 7 through.

She is great at turning pages in a book.

If I ask for kisses and make kissy sounds Landry will give me a kiss.

She can now sign milk. I have been doing it with her since about 6 months and she now will sign for milk when it's close to time for a bottle.

She has taken a few steps with her walker.

She played in her baby pool for the first time!


Pulling everything out of the cabinets and her draws.

Her Lorax stuffed animal.


Playing in the grass at the park.

All fruits!

Making silly noises with her daddy.

Things I Want to Remember

Everything! Honestly, this last month was a blur. I was running so much between Winston and home that there was a few weekends it was just Landry and Daniel and even a few weekdays. I didn't miss out on any milestones but I just feel like I can't even remember everything from this last month.

I definitely don't want to forget her toothy little grin. And how kissing her little neck rolls can make her laugh so hard.

Looking Forward To

Her walking! The park will be so much more fun.

I am also looking forward to our first trip to the beach in June. It will be fun to see how she does in the pool.

I am already looking forward to her 1st birthday party. I have already started planning!


  1. WOW! Tks. SO much for updating us on sweet Landry.....even though I have not met her (unfortunately), I feel as if I already know her. Tks. for this wonderfully descriptive narrative and pics of this precious child. SO proud of you and your family, and SO thankful that you can be a "stay at home" Mommy. You will NEVER regret this time with her. I was able to do the same with my almost 43 yr. old son, and he has turned out fabulous. No one else is going to spend the time and share her love like a Mommy. Love you and tks. for sharing.

  2. Love love love that precious ball of energy!


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