Friday, April 24, 2015

Wonderful Web Round Up

Pink is one of those few celebrities that I truly admire! She is kickbutt, has great songs, and really does her! 9 Times Pink Proved That Every Woman Should Be Able to Define Herself.

I am dying to make these Coconut Lime Energy Bites. Now to just buy some dates!

These fox and raccoon knee socks are freaking adorable! Pretty sure I am eventually going to have to get Landry some for the fall!

When Landry gets a little bit bigger I want to get her a cute chair. I really like this one from Land of Nod but it's so darn expensive!! Any suggestions for cute chairs for kids?

I had every intention of breastfeeding Landry. Unfortunately my milk never came in. This right here explains all the feelings.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen I bought chia seeds which are suppose to have AMAZING health benefits. Here are some recipes I have found using them!

With not having family in town it can be hard to have any sort of regular date nights. And when we do manage to have a date night it usually turns into dinner and walking around Target. Here is 24 date night ideas under $10.

One of my biggest goals for Landry is for her to know she does not have to fit into any mold. That being beautiful and a princess needing saving is not the end goal in life. I want her to be smart and strong and feel empowered. I love this list of 12 Empowering Children's Book to Add to Little Girl's Bookshelves.

Any great find on the web this week you want to share? 


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