Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

An alternative title would be "How to Spend 24 hours Sans Baby". We have only been away from Landry over night 3 times before this weekend. The first time was around Thanksgiving when Daniel was putting new flooring down in the living room and it ended up being more challenging than expected. Landry ended up staying with his parents for the night so I could help him finish it up.

The second time was Valentine's Day weekend. Daniel planned a quick little overnight trip to Johnson City, TN. We ended up eating lunch there, walking around the mall, and then going back to the hotel and sleeping. It was wonderfully restful but we didn't do much.

The third time was just 2 weeks ago when my Nana passed away. Landry was sick at the time and we had the visitation and service. So we took her to Daniel's parents house for them to watch her overnight so we didn't have to drag her around every where while she was sick.

So Saturday when Daniel's mom called and offered to watch Landry overnight we thought about it and said yes! Any night where I am not with Landry is difficult but it was so nice to have some time this weekend where we got to be a little more carefree. No obligations, no exhaustion, nothing we had to do!

Here's a little recap on how we spent 24 hours baby-free!

First thing is when you are baby-free make sure you go to Dick's Sporting Good and try on lifevests and of course take pictures! 

We then had dinner at a local restaurant called "Mountain Burrito". It is similar to Chipotle but local and they call their burrito bowl "Naked Burritos" which I find very amusing (I have a sense of humor of a young boy). We then headed to the movies to see "Insurgent". We hadn't been to the movies since I was pregnant! 

We stayed up late Saturday night while Daniel replaced our bike tire tubes. We even left the house at 10pm to go get sodas at McDonald's. Our life is one where we do not leave the house after 7:00pm so it was kind of wild. We stayed up till midnight watching Big Bang Theory in bed. 

We decided to make Sunday morning our outdoorsy time. Prior to baby we would spend a lot of our free time kayaking and playing tennis. Tennis wasn't really an option because it was wet outside so instead we went to the greenway and biked. 

I was SO excited about kayaking! It had been almost 2 years since we last kayaked because of pregnancy/new baby/winter. Daniel managed to get into his kayak without any problem. I however got stuck in the wonderful red clay of NC. I took my keens off and threw them into my boat and managed to get in. However, in the process of getting in my shorts fell down, like butt hanging out. So I tried to pull them up while sitting in my kayak and I tipped my kayak over. I ended up in the freezing cold water on a cold and overcast day. It was so hard to get my boat out too! It was a good laugh though so I guess it was worth it. 

It was a fun 24 hours, but as soon as Daniel's parents got to our house with Landry everything felt right in the world again. Daniel even said later"why do we ever split up? We should all stay together all the time!" Our little of family of three (plus our two pups) is kind of my favorite thing in the world. It was nice to reconnect with Daniel though and also to get outdoors. It was so rejuvenating! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for my first outfit post from my accidental capsule wardrobe

So what were you up to this weekend? 


  1. WOW! Glad you had some time with just the two of you.....LOVE the pics. I know how you feel about ALL being together; however, the two of you need some special time together and sounds as if you had a wonderful time.....glad the family is all back together now. Pls. do this again from time to time. Love and miss you!

  2. your face is PRICELESS in that wet photo. it stinks that your original plans did not work out, but I am glad you still enjoyed a nice little break!

    1. Bahaha yeah I was so stinking cold! It was a nice little break though!


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