Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! It was so nice to be home with my little family for Easter. For those that do not know, my Nana has pancreatic cancer and has taken a turn for the worse. I was in Winston-Salem last weekend (my hometown) and then this past weekend. Sadly Landry has been feeling rough because of teething so her and Daniel have stayed home. 

It has been tough to go through everything without my family there for support. It has also been tough feeling like I am torn between two worlds. I want to be with my Nana and Pawpaw but I also want to be home with Daniel and Landry. Please keep my Nana is your prayers/good thoughts for peace and for her to be comfortable. 

All this is to say I have been exceptionally thankful for the time I had with Daniel and Landry on Easter. We a had little impromptu photoshoot in the front yard (yay self-timer!) and then followed up with lunch at Applebees and a little errand running. We decided to forgo church because we still haven't found a church in Morganton and I was utterly exhausted. 

Daniel has been a lifesaver these last 3 weekends. Father and husband of the year right here, y'all! We both have been living like single parents, me and Landry during the week and Daniel and Landry on the weekends. However, Daniel has a better appreciation of what I do during the week and I have a better appreciation of everything he has done for Landry and me. 

What did you do this weekend? Any Easter festivities? 


  1. Landry is inspiring me to add more baby headbands into my girls' lives. too cute!

    1. I love headbands! I have 4 and just constantly rotate them. They are pretty much how I guarantee people knew she is a girl!


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