Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eleventh Avenue

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. However, all views expressed are my own and this is a company I truly love and want to share with my readers! 

Recently I have become a huge fan of Groopdealz as seen here, here, and here. I heard several of my friends talking about it but never really looked into it. Groopdealz's site is pretty much a hub to discover and buy adorable products from various boutiques. Recently, Groopdealz has rebranded as Eleventh Avenue. Not only does that mean that they have a new name but they also have a fancy new website!

It's such a cleaner layout now and much easier to navigate! My favorite sections to browse is the kids and jewelry! I can always find cute accessories and tee-shirts for Landry and unique jewelry for myself at seriously cheaper prices. 

Eleventh Avenue has also introduced me to some new boutiques and etsy shops. I am able to sample those shops products at a cheaper price and once I've fallen in love I go and check out their sites to find more goodies!

Just this week we bought Landry this teepee:

It's going to be her birthday present for her first birthday. Her birthday isn't till the end of July but it was only $75 PLUS 15% off. I haven't been able to find a decent looking teepee for that cheap anywhere and I have really been wanting to get her one. I love the grey color (neutral for the win) and it comes with a zippered carrying case which is a double plus. I can just picture us laying out in the yard under her teepee reading books and playing with toys (except for when she tries to climb the thing and probably tears it down. Just being real!) When we're not using it outside for now I plan on putting it in the basement (it's kind of our playroom). 

Ok so now since I have raved about how awesome Eleventh Avenue and shared my awesome teepee score I wanted to share with y'all a coupon code! From now until 05/22/15 you can use AVENUE15 for 15% off of your total purchase. So on top of their discounts you are saving even more! I know that is a win in my book!

Right now I am wanting these items:

What kind of goodies are you interested in? Have you used Groopdealz or Eleventh Avenue before?


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