Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Daily Wears 04.21.15

Since becoming a SAHM I really haven't been wearing a lot of my clothes. I have several pretty skirts that I just let hang there in my closet. So I decided, why not start wearing them? If we aren't going to the park then what's the big deal! Especially if I throw own a plain tee and slip-on shoes. It is a really comfy outfit that looks a lot more put together than just shorts or jeans. 

You know what else makes this outfit great? It transitions perfectly to a date night outfit. Of course that is assuming you can find a sitter (HOW CAN I TRUST ANYONE?) and that your outfit didn't get covered in spit-up, food, and other delectable baby goodies throughout the day. 

So when I say it transitions into a date night outfit I am obviously a liar because I don't know when it my life that the planets align to offer me a date night plus have an outfit stay clean for a whole day. When people told me that having a baby meant I would have more laundry I thought they were just talking about the babies clothes. I was oblviious to the fact that it meant that I would be doubling the amount of my own clothes I have to wash because ALL THE THINGS end up on my clothes by the end of the day.

I digress, anyway just changing a couple of things, slip-on TOMS to wedge TOMS, shirt to cardigan, snazzy earrings, and a different bag, can really transform an outfit. Also let's talk about how TOMS really has me covered for everything. Slip-ons are my go-to for every day foot wear (seriously my favorite shoes, I own 10 pairs of slip-ons), wedges for fancier, bags, and now my coffee of choice is TOMS roasting co. Peru roast is my new coffee of choice. It's a medium roast and just perfect. I fell in love at TXSC15 and I haven't looked back. On my TOMS lust list is a pair of sandals, particularly these, and a pair of sunglasses, particularly these.

Ok so I don't know how this went from transitioning your outfit to an ode to TOMS but it did! PS not a sponsored post I just really adore TOMS and what the company stands for. At TXSC15 Bethany Joy Clark summed up their company with the statement "We are not a company with a mission, we are a mission with a company." If that doesn't give you the warm fuzzies and make you want to join the TOMS community then you have no heart (ok you do but you get what I'm saying!). 

Day Outfit
Tee- Old Navy
Shirt- Old Navy
Skirt- JcPenney (similar)
Shoes- TOMS
Bag- c/o TOMS
Necklace- Groopdealz (similar)

Date Night Outfit
Cardigan- Lane Bryant (similar)
Shoes- TOMS 
Bag- Handme down (similar)
Earrings- Lane Bryant (similar)


  1. LOVE all your outfits AND your blog....pls. keep it up!

  2. dude. getting a sitter... it is SO hard to live away from family for that kind of thing. but the skirt is adorable!

    1. How in the world am I suppose to find a sitter? Our sweet neighbor (former pediatric nurse for the win) watches her for me whenever I need a daytime sitter (which is rare) but I need to find someone for nights and weekends!


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