Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bath Time Essentials

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I have to say we are pretty lucky because Landry LOVES bath time. There are numerous times when we take a bath just because she is fussy and I know it will make her happy for a little bit. Above is our bath time essentials. Each of these items are used EVERY time we give Landry a bath. We give her baths on Monday and Thursday unless she is exceptionally fussy or dirty. I've started doing her baths during the day because its hard to put her down for bed after a bath. It doesn't relax her as much because she loves playing!

I love this owl towel! It's from Target and it is actually toddler size but the baby towels were just too small to really wrap Landry up in it. It's really soft but also absorbent which is very important. As far as wash cloths we use a random assortment we received from our showers.

At first I thought we were a little crazy for registering for all this Skip Hop Whale stuff (I am pretty minimalistic) but wow every single thing has come in handy! And our hall bathroom that we bathe Landry in is beach themed so it matches. Now that Landry is pulling up and crawling the spout cover protects her noggin! The kneeler really does help keep my knees from hurting as bad and the whale rinser is great for rinsing Landry's head and body off. Landry got the whale toy scoop for Christmas it is makes cleaning up and storing her bath toys so easy and cute!

As far as toys go, the rubber duckies were a shower present and of course the most simple toy is one of Landry's favorites. She is working on her third tooth right now so she chews the heck out of those ducks during bath time. The Boon Dive Toys came in one of her Citrus Lane boxes and they are another hit. Right now she mainly chews on them but when she gets older they are also like a puzzle so they will grow with her. The Munchkin Pour and Strain Whales are fun to use when playing with her. She loves watching the water pour out of the bottom and try to grasp the water.

The California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is flat out amazing! We have the 19 fl oz bottle and we are barely a third of the way through it and we have been using it with Landry since day 1! So over 7 months of using, a little goes a long way so don't let the cost freak you out. It is Made in the USA, not tested on animals, and uses natural and organic ingredients. It's biodegradable and sulfate free. I know it might sound silly but those things are very important to me when it comes to Landry! Also the smell is fantastic, I could sniff the top of Landry's head constantly. Very light and subtle but distinct.

What's your bath time essentials for little ones?


  1. What a great collection of bath essentials! My little one is a bath fanatic...she'll take 3 or 4 a day if we let her! I also have to give her baths during the day, otherwise she's wide awake at bedtime!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

    1. Brandyn, my daughter is the same way. She cries sometimes when we take her out of the tub. I guess it is better problem to have than her hating baths!

  2. Oh, I love this! My little can't get enough of bath time. I love those hooded towels too. I want to get everything on this list, but I'm afraid he'll fight even harder when it's time to get out. hahaha Thank you for sharing at #mommymeetupmondays

    1. Don't you hate when they get so upset getting out of the bath? We actually have to space out bath time from bed time because Landry gets to excited during bath time she doesn't calm down for bed!


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