Thursday, April 2, 2015

8 Month Update


Based on me weighing her she is around 22 lbs.

Lan-Lan, Lany-Lan-Lan, Baby girl, Cutie butt,


Landry has been lately sleeping from 7ish-7ish. Unless she wakes up early and wants some bottle and then goes back to sleep until 7:30ish. Sorry for all the "ish" but with day light savings time we are still trying to figure out her night sleep.

Naps lately have been kind of crazy. The last several days she has been taking a 2 hour nap in the morning and then an 1 hour nap in the afternoon. That is definitely more napping that what we are use. I think she has been fighting a cold so that is part of the reason.

Also her new love of standing means that in order to fight sleep she will stand up in her crib and play with her mobile on the wall.


Homegirl loved some fro-yo! 

This last month Landry has cut back on her formula (perfect timing considering SAMS quit carrying our formula). We are still kind of figuring it out but it looks like she is doing 4 6oz bottles a day.

She eat 3 meals a day of solids. We are not doing any purees at this point, only if it is from a pouch when we are out and about. She pretty much eats what we eat.

Landry really loves blueberries and raspberries!


Still wearing 12-18 month clothing. Excited about getting to deck her out in some cute spring/summer clothes. Babies in shorts is too cute!

Favorite Toys

There is this little stuffed monkey that hung from her activity mat that Landry has grown particularly fond of. She loves that dumb little toy!

She also loves her wooden puzzles. She has no idea what to do with them besides bang the pieces together and chew on them. But pulling them off of her shelf is her favorite!


In the past everyone has sad Landry is so serious but it seems like she is getting sillier/friendlier. When we are out and people start talking to her she becomes such a little ham. Smiling and making the cutest faces!

She is our fearless little girl! When she falls down she rarely gets upset. And she loves rolling off of the bed and me catching her.

She is also starting to get upset if I take something from her or don't let her have what she wants. We were in the grocery store the other day and she would cry when she would grab stuff and I would put it back.

Milestones/Things To Remember

Pulled herself up on my sewing machine and managed to eventually get in the bag! 

She is consistently pulling herself up to standing and she can "walk" some when holding on to something. She gets into ALL THE THINGS now! I found her playing in the toilet the other day (insert embarrassed emoji). Luckily she has learned how to sit back down from standing which makes life easier.

Look at all those teeth! 

2, almost 3, new teeth! One on the bottom, one on top! Her other top tooth is so close to popping through!


I am pretty sure she knows what Mama means. Daniel facetimed me while I was in Texas and Landry started crying when she saw me and said "Mamamamamama".

She says dada too! Baba is said but I don't think she knows what it means.

I think she is catching onto the sign for milk. I use it anytime I give her a bottle and she gets really excited when I sign milk.


Trying to climb in the dishwasher

Swinging!! I promise she was laughing not crying in this picture! 

Her Papa! She is a Papa's girl! 

Rolling around on the twin bed in her room. She really loves rolling off the bed and me catching her! 

Things I Want to Remember

Taking her to Discovery Place Kids! It was our first family trip/adventure. 

Her fake little laugh she does! She has her real giggle but now she will sometimes fake laugh when we are laughing. It is deeper and so funny. 

Looking Forward To

More beautiful spring days with her! She is starting to warm up to going to the park so I see a lot of park days in our future.

Landry learning to walk! I know it is on the horizon and I cannot wait! I know once she starts I will probably be wishing that she wasn't walking but for now I can't wait!

Landry finally getting some hair. She has BLONDE hair (do what?) and it definitely is growing some but I am ready for her to have more so maybe I could put some hairbows in it.


  1. Oh goodness, she is just the cutest thing. Look at those baby blues! :)

    Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog

    1. Thank you Rachel! I love her eyes! She gets them from her dad!

  2. Landry in that beanie - I DIE! what a cutie pie! loved the "milestones" part, that is a great idea.


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