Thursday, April 23, 2015

40 Days to a Better Me

Some how I managed to create an accidental capsule wardrobe. In no way did I set out to create such a small wardrobe for myself but a couple of days ago I was going through my clothes while Landry napped to realize hardly any of my clothes fit me right and I am just not happy with my wardrobe. Which is actually me not being happy with my body right now. 

I was so proud of myself before getting pregnant. I had lost 40lbs (still not where I wanted to be) and felt really healthy. Since having Landry I am back where I started before ever losing weight. I weigh the most I ever have minus pregnancy. I have gained weight the last few months because well it comes down to emotional eating. So instead of looking at the clothes in my closet every day that don't fit me and having breakdowns because I hate all my clothes I decided to just adjust.

So starting on April 22nd (when I had this huge closet clean-out) I will only be wearing the 31 items left in my closet  for the next 40 days (now until the end of May). I hope to get a little more creative with my outfits (utilize my accessories more!) and gain a better understanding of my style. These 31 items do not include lounge wear, active wear, and pjs. 

In addition to only wearing these items I am also not doing any unnecessary shopping. No clothing/shoes/accessories, no makeup/beauty items, and nothing additional for Landry. I want to cut down on excess and focus on what we truly need. 

Because I don't like doing anything small I am also making it a goal during this time to track my eating with MyFitnessPal every day. I am not saying I will necessarily stay in the calorie range they give me but in the past I eat better when I track my food with MyFitnessPal. It makes me much more aware of snacking and what I am putting into my body. 

It is also getting prettier weather outside so I would like to get physically active again. Walks in the evening as a family, kayaking, tennis, and hiking. I am NOT a gym person but I am all about fun active activities. 

So I guess I am doing a cross between a capsule wardrobe a la Un-fancy and a 30x30 remix a la Kendi with some exercise and self-improvement thrown in for good measure. Stick around these next 40 days to see what kind of outfits I can put together and how my weight loss progress is going. I am sharing with y'all to help keep me accountable! Check out my wardrobe for the next 40 days! 

2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of cropped jeans

5 tee-shirts

4 tops

2 cardigans, 2 vests

5 dresses

6 skirts

4 pairs of shoes

What my closet looks like now. I wish I had taken a before picture so you could see the change! 

Have you ever tried a capsule wardrobe? Any suggestions for getting more active as a stay-at-home mom? 


  1. I have already done this post once and then realized I have to type my name in first. WOW! You DID do a "major clean out"; however, I love the things which you kept. I need to do the same thing. The last time I did this, I got rid of one of my favorite pairs of pants by mistake, so I guess I am a bit reluctant to do it again. I will follow your posts and help to hold you accountable. Losing weight is such a BIG challenge; however, I DO believe that tracking your food will help. Hugs and kisses to all 3 of you!

    1. Jane, I haven't gotten rid of the rest of my clothes. Instead I just stored them in the basement. That way at the end of the 40 days if there is anything I really missed (I kept reaching for and wishing I had) then they will still be there! I would hate to get rid of something and then regret it! And thank you for holding me accountable!

  2. Love this! I need to do a closet clean out again or at least pack away what doesn't fit right now. I'm kind of in a forced limited wardrobe anyway (maxi skirts and dresses!), because I really don't want to buy anymore maternity clothes. Looking forward to see what outfits you come up with!

    I also do much better with my food choices when I track with MFP. It really helps!

    1. Kassie, dresses and maxi skirts are essential during pregnancy! I definitely had a limited wardrobe towards the end of pregnancy because I was like you, not wanting to buy anymore maternity clothes. It forces you to get creative that's for sure!

      MFP was a lifesaver before so I am hoping it will be again. I also love that I can see what nutrition I am getting so not only it it about calories but making sure the calories I am getting are super nutritious. I already know I don't get enough protein and iron so I need to work on that!


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