Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Packing for TxSC CAMP

I can't believe I leave for Texas Friday! It's so close! I've been doing some major packing for Texas Style Council 2015, I am so excited for CAMP and luckily most of my wardrobe kind of fits with the camp theme. Above gives you an idea what I will be taking to wear for my trip. Sadly it is suppose to rain pretty much the entire weekend so my trusty Columbia rain jacket is a must! The weather is suppose to be relatively mild so I am packing a mixture of clothing just in case. 

I am limiting myself to a carry-on cause
  1. I don't want to pay to check luggage (I am such a cheapie!)
  2. I don't want to risk my luggage getting lost (only time I have ever checked luggage was when I was a kid going to Disney World so that wasn't even a concern of mine). I have this huge fear of my luggage getting lost so I just don't want to risk it. 
  3. I know I will over pack if I take a big suitcase. Using a carry-on forces me to really plan what I am going to wear each day instead of just throwing a random assortment of clothes into a suitcase.
Planning my outfits is so important because I want to not only be comfortable physically while I am there but also I want to feel like what I am wearing is truly a reflection of me. It has been hard not to look at some of the blogger's who are attending and how they dress and want to mold myself to their style. But I know I will feel better if i am staying true to me. 

Saturday night we are going to have a Khaki Jamboree which is essentially a khaki/scout themed party. Below is the outfit I will be wearing for it:

The dress is from Lane Bryant. I've had it for years but it's had a hole in it so I haven't worn it in a while. I finally got my grandma's sewing machine fixed and fixed the hole in my dress.
I made the sash myself and attached iron on patches as my "badges". I think they represent me pretty well if I do say so myself! 

Finally I have my personal bag. I am carrying my diaper bag because well it actually isn't a diaper bag and I have sang it's praises in the past

Book Bag- Messenger bag? Book bag? Tons of pockets? Yes yes and yes! Exactly what I need in a bag. 

Owl Wet Bag- It is perfect for carrying my camera so it doesn't get wet and takes up less room than my whole camera bag

Canteen- I found this little water canteen on Amazon and I thought it was perfect for CAMP, cute and practical! 

Larabars- These are so delicious and usually only have around 5 ingredients. None of those crazy hard to pronounce ingredients either! All natural! 

Blue Polka Dot Bag- This is my little emergency kit full of band-aids, safety pins, bobby pins, hand sanitizer, double sided tape, lotion, Excedrin Migraine, etc. I carry it in Landry's diaper bag wherever I go and I think it is necessary for traveling. 

Baggu- These things are the best! We use them a lot with grocery shopping (especially for Aldi) but they are reusable bags that fold up easily. I always like to have one on hand just in case. 

Business Cards and Business Card holder- Plenty of business cards to hand out to potential friends! 

Makeup Bag- I am keeping my makeup bag in my personal bag so I can touch up at the airport when I arrive in Austin. 

Notepad, small notebook, and pencil pouch- I have decided not to take my laptop or iPad so I can really disconnect so old fashion paper and pencil is a necessity.

Book- Again with no iPad I need to bring a real life book! Here is what I am currently reading What You Wish For by Kerry Reich

Sunglasses, Cell Phone, Keys, and Wallet

Not pictured- Little somethings for my bunkmates! Gotta keep that a surprise! 

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Do you have any must haves for traveling? Packing tips or tricks? I always am on the look out for new ways to pack smarter!


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