Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nursery Tour

Landry's room is by far my favorite room in our house! It is the kind of room I would have loved to have as a child. I never really had a theme room or real decorations growing up. It was always a hodge-podge of whatever. So basically what I am saying is I am living vicariously through Landry with her room.

Her colors were red, yellow, and teal with pops of white and black. I wanted her room to look like a kids room. I see so many nurseries that look AMAZING but they look like a little adult's room. I didn't want that, I wanted a room to look like it should be played in!

I love her room and how inexpensive it was to turn it into something that hopefully she will love too! I love how we DIYed a lot of the elements of her room (banner, coat hanger, shelves, growth chart). I also love the personal touches from different people (Cub print, Landry's name, dresser).

Landry's room is a continuous work in progress to me. As she grows her needs will change as will the function her room serves. But I am so pleased with it!

Below is a list of where things are from with links. If the item is no longer available or we made it I linked to similar items.

Crib- Ikea
Mobile- Amazon
Banners- Handmade (similar)
Prints- Etsy
Cub Print- A Little Bit of Me
Trees Print- Ikea
Coat Hanger- Handmade
Dresser- Hand-me-down
Twin Bedding- Ikea (similar)
Black and White Pillow- Ikea
Crib Sheet- Amazon
Shelves- Hand-me-down
Glider- BabiesRUs
Growth Chart- Handmade (similar)
Cubes- Ikea
Storage Containers in Cubes- Ikea
Rug- Ikea

If you have any questions feel free to ask! What's your favorite room in your house? 


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