Monday, March 16, 2015

Discovery Place Kids

Friday the 13th gets a bad rap cause our Friday the 13th was so incredible! Daniel scheduled a day off (it seems like such a long stretch from New Years to Easter for him with no days off) and we decided to go to Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville, NC. It is a children's museum outside of Charlotte and perfect for younger children.

Several people thought we were crazy for taking a 7 month old. One of Daniel's co-workers even said "She's a baby so what's for her to discover?" There wasn't as many children Landry's age there (well at least not many not with older siblings) but Landry is a little advanced (what parent doesn't say that?). Landry can crawl and pull herself up to standing so I think it made it a little more enjoyable for her. 

There is nine theme areas that range from arts/crafts to a giant climbing structure. Of course some of the areas were too old for Landry (climbing structure and arts/crafts cause she would have just ate the crayons). But overall there was still plenty for Landry to explore and check out. The museum has a specific area for babies which Landry enjoyed. Soft floors to crawl around on, so many mirrors, and of course toys. Since Landry doesn't go to daycare I love any opportunity to have her around other children and socialize. She LOVES other children and watching them play. That was probably the most fun part of the museum for her. 

It was great to have this experience as a family! It really was like our first little family adventure. Landry was such a happy girl (we were there over 2 hours) and would squeal, clap, and bounce around. I am so glad Daniel has a job that forces them to use their vacation so we could have a random family day. 

What's some of your favorite family activities? Was your Friday the 13th unlucky? 


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