Monday, March 30, 2015

Daily Wears 03.30.15

Quick outfit post this Monday morning. I wish I could have gotten better pictures/more pictures but it started raining so pictures were cut short.

I was really excited about this outfit because I was so close to just throwing some yoga pants and a tee-shirt on to go get groceries. But instead I thought "Brittany, will you feel good about yourself wearing those pieces? Will you feel like the put together mom you want to be?" Obviously the answer was no. I am not saying there are not days where I just need to not worry about what I am wearing, but this day I was just going to be lazy. 

Clothes can seem so superficial, but they really are a reflection of our personality and how we feel about ourselves. And I want my clothes to say "down-to-earth, effortlessly put together". Maybe if my clothes will reflect those attributes I will start having them more: ;)

This TOMS bag is my new love! I discussed it a little on my TxSC recap but it seriously is my go-to diaper bag for quick around town errands. It is perfect for throwing a diaper, wipes, and a sippy cup. There is so many little pockets and compartments which is perfect for throwing all the little things that come with a baby. 

I also am OBSESSED with my sandals. They are pretty much my fake Birkenstocks that are from Target. I didn't want to invest in Birks because 1. They are expensive and I don't have the money and 2. I wanted to make sure I would actually get a lot of use out of that style of sandals. I am thinking maybe next spring I might need a real pair! 

Cardigan- Target (similar)
Shirt- Old Navy (similar)
Pants- Lane Bryant (similar)
Sandals- Target
Bag- c/o TOMS
Necklace- Lane Bryant (similar)
Bracelets- Etsy 

Do you think your clothes are a reflection of your personality? If your clothes could talk what would they be saying? 


  1. Love your lip color too. That's the one thing that helps make me feel put together is lipstick. My Nana used to always tell me a little lipstick can go a long way in making you look put together.

    1. Yes! I never really liked lipstick until having Landry. It definitely makes me feel more put together if my outfit is simple (which is always).


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