Thursday, March 19, 2015

Daily Wears 03.19.15

I leave tomorrow for Texas! Ahhhhhh! I've never flown by myself and I am a little terrified. Airport security always makes me nervous because I feel like I am breaking rules I don't even know exist. I also worry I will jokingly say something very inappropriate and stupid and then get tackled by the TSA. In this case I will be by myself and hopefully not talking so there shouldn't be that issue. 

I am also a little nervous about meeting new people at TxSC15. As excited as I am (!!!) and I worried about being incredibly awkward. Or that all of these ladies are going to be incredibly cool, hip, and put together and then over there in the corner will be me. The frumpy stay-at-home mom who just blabs on about her baby and dogs. I don't even have cable! I can't even talk about commercials!! However, any body want to talk about the million different shows on Netflix I'm your girl! If you haven't seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix I highly recommend you get on that! It has amazing 90s references (tamagotchis, Hanson, and Moesha) along with the catchiest theme song ever (well Friends is pretty great too). 

Ok so what was I talking about?? Oh yeah being nervous about TxSC. It will be fine, I just always get myself worked up when it comes to new social situations but once I'm there it will be flipping fantastic. 

Surprisingly I am not too worried about leaving Landry for the weekend (the longest I've been away from her!) Daniel is a great dad and he is a bigger worrier than me when it comes to Landry's safety so I know he will do fine. I will be a nice little vacation from being 24/7 mom on duty! 

This outfit has nothing to do with going to Texas, but I wore it the other day and really liked it. Super simple, incorporates my beloved chambray, but felt put together. That's the kind of outfit this girl likes! 

Shirt- Old Navy
Skirt- Old Navy
Shoes- Toms
Scarf- Gap (old)
Earrings- Lane Bryant (similar)
Bag- Amazon


  1. that camera bag is fabulous!! please enjoy your vacation - I know leaving babies is so hard, but you deserve a little break!


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