Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daily Wears 03.11.15

This time change thing is really throwing me off and be me I mean Landry, which is turn throws me off! Daniel and I were pretty pumped about the time change because we decided not to try to keep Landry's bedtime at 6:45-7pm. We decided to just roll with it and let her bedtime be 7:45-8pm (so the same thing just not adjusting for the time change). 

Well it went great Sunday! Not so hot yesterday and seems to be working today. Her naps have been all over the place. Barely napping Sunday and Monday but then taking 3 hours total worth of naps today! Here's hoping we start getting things sorted out.

I guess I should talk about my outfit, haha. Denim jackets just scream spring to me and I am embracing all things spring so I decided it was time to whip the denim jacket out. Also this black skirt is actually a maxi-dress. I know mind blown! This dress has been through it all. I wore it pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, now post. It's kind of like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, except not part of a sisterhood but it fits me through all my body changes. 

Disclaimer- my earrings are not suppose to be the Triforce of Zelda. I don't even know what that is but the last time I wore these earrings out I had TWO different people ask me if they were the Triforce. All I know is Target was selling these earrings and it said nothing about Zelda. 

And on that note enjoy your hump day! :)

How are you surviving the time change? What pieces of clothing scream spring to you?

Jacket- Target (similar)
Dress (worn as a skirt)- Old Navy (similar)
Purse- Fossil (similar) 
Shoes- Toms
Earrings- Target (similar


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog! I can relate to so much you write about. I have a 3yo and 7mo. I am also a graduate of LR, and my family resides in WNC, just outside of Asheville. Have you tried Stitch Fix? It's so fun! Check it out...

    1. Claire, I'm so glad you've found my blog! That's awesome that you went to LR too and live in WNC. I've heard of Stitch Fix and known a couple people to use it. I want to check it out after I lose a little more weight!


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