Thursday, March 12, 2015

Baby Style 03.12.15

In all honesty I spend more time putting together Landry's outfits than I do my own. She also gets dressed every day in cute outfits compared to me, who is usually in leggings or yoga pants. So naturally I decided to document some of Landry's adorable outfits (if I do say so myself) and share with y'all. It combines my two loves- pictures of my daughter and cute clothes!

I am a huge fan of buying Landry's clothes from independent businesses. Not only because it supports small businesses which I am a big proponent of but also because it almost guarantees she will not be wearing the same kinds of outfits as other babies.

When dressing Landry I kind of steer clear of the more babyish looking outfits. I prefer to dress Landry how I would like to dress. I know one day she will have her own opinions and want to express herself which I am completely ok with. But for now while she doesn't care I will dress her the way I like. That means a lot more neutral colors/bold colors. We pretty much avoid most pastels because I don't care for pastels.

We also do lots of leggings because they are so comfy and fit well over her big booty (cloth diapers get extra junk in the trunk). I also love dresses because as they get too short they can just be tunics or tops.

Whenever we are out, 90% of the time we get compliments on her outfits. Only time I have had any one say anything slightly negative was one day when we were in the grocery store someone called her a boy. I told the lady she was a girl (very politely because I am used to it by now) and she responded nastily "Well maybe if you actually dressed her in pink people would know". In general we don't do as much pink (I like hot pink!) but whatever.

Onesie- Bodhicitta
Legging- Groopdealz (similar)
Headband- Gift (similar)
Moccasins- Amazon
Amber Necklace- Amazon

What's your favorite thing to dress your little ones in? Is it just me or do you sometimes envy children's style??


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