Tuesday, March 3, 2015

7 Month Update


Your Dad and I cannot get over how much you have grown in the last month. It feels like your time as a baby is quickly drifting away. You seem so grown up! Your little personality is just shining and you are so much fun! Your dad even said the other night that he is going to miss this age. We have loved you since the minute you were born, but we are not exactly newborn kind of people (newborns are kind of a blob). Now you are moving around, jabbering up a storm, playing with your pups, and getting into everything. We love it! You love your daddy's hair (seriously, you try to eat it constantly) along with his work name badge. You also love funny noises and playing "where's Landry?" I have to agree with your dad, I will miss these times. 

19 lbs 10 ozs at her 6 month appointment so I would guess over 20 lbs by now!

27 inches

Lan-Lan, Lany-Lan-Lan, Baby girl

Well, she had been sleeping most nights 6:45pm-6:45am until about 5.5 months. Then it started being 6:45pm/7:00pm until around 5ish and then she wakes up. It was because of pooping but now that has stopped and she keeps waking up. She has been falling back asleep after a few minutes and then waking up around 6:45am-7:00am.

We've finally gotten naps down. Its taken a while but I think we've got it! She takes 2-3 naps a day depending on what time she gets up in the morning and how long her naps last. Usually her first nap is around 9-9:30am and only lasts around 30 minutes. She usually takes another nap around 12pm which is around 1-2 depending. Some days she takes a nap from 3pm for about 45 minutes. This will probably change now that I have posted it for the world to see. Landry likes to keep me on my toes.

Landry also sleep in a sleepsack for every nap and at night. It is the perfect way to keep her warm without the concern of SIDS from loose blankets in her crib. We have started letting her sleep with a stuffed animal since separation anxiety started.

Landry has also started sleeping on her stomach and side some which I find so adorable!

Home girl likes to eat! She usually takes 4 bottles a day each 8 ozs. One bottle when she wakes up, another around 10am, another around 2pm, and last one before bed.

We eat solids 2-3 times a day. Landry really prefers finger foods to purees. She doesn't have the patience to wait on us to feed her. She also LOVES when I make her smoothies. So far she loves all food.

Her favorite food is bananas by far!

Landry is wearing 12-18 month clothing. I've pretty much quit doing onesies because they are just a pain when she makes messes. Its easier to just take a tee-shirt off and switch into another one for her. Baby leggings are my favorite for bottoms. Real pants just seem too restrictive.

I'm trying to find the perfect socks to stay on her feet but it is a struggle.

We also started real pjs, not just footsies, which make her look so much more grown up!

Favorite Toys
Her favorite toys are definitely Sophie and her blabla doll that we named Gertie.

Favorite Book
Snuggle Puppy. It is also my favorite! It's so catchy that I have the whole book memorized. I will sing her the song when she gets fussy and it really helps.


Landry is a really happy baby. She is definitely attached to me and can sometimes get fussy when I leave the room or when she wants mommy. But overall she is pretty easy going and chill. I am glad she isn't as high strung as her mom!

She laughs and giggles really easily which makes me so stinking happy!

When we are out people constantly say how serious and alert she seems. She definitely is always taking in her surroundings.

Milestones/Things To Remember
Landry learned to crawl forward!

Landry pulled herself up into standing!

Started taking baths in the big girl bathtub!

She has had her two bottom teeth but it looks like another bottom one is about to pop through! Looks of drooling and cranky pants the last week.

Landry can say mama and dada but she has no idea that those words have meaning so I'm not really counting them as first words yet.

Her puppies

Playing on the floor

Other children

Bath time

Looking Forward To
When she starts saying Mama and Dada and knows what it means. She says both regularly now but I don't think she has made the connection to Daniel and me.


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