Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello... again!

As my little blurb says I am a wife to Daniel, a mom to Landry, and a Netflix Binge-watcher extraordinaire.

I am a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) so naturally I decided to revive this old blog of mine because their isn't enough bloggers in the world ;) I considered deleting my old posts and starting from scratch. Mainly because I felt like the person who wrote those posts 3 years ago is so different than who I am now. But isn't that the point of having a blog? To see growth? So I decided to keep them to have something to look back on.

To be honest though, I have decided to really jump into blogging because since becoming a SAHM I have felt a loss of community. I didn't have as many connections in Morganton to begin with outside of my coworkers. So I am hoping that blogging will help connect me to other women.

Here the crazy cast of characters in my day to day life:

This is Daniel, my wonderful husband. He is the level-headed analytical one. Which makes sense since he is an accountant.

This is Landry. She is the cute as a bunny and chews on everything one. Which makes sense since she's a baby. 

This is Rin and Moo. They are the pee outside, sleep in the bed with us ones. Which probably doesn't make sense to everyone considering our daughter has never slept in our room ;)

Here's what you'll get from my blog:
  • A look at our life, flaws and all. 
  • Tons of pictures of my daughter and dogs. I would say sorry but that would be a lie. 
  • Some crafts. I'm not the craftiest person on the block but I have my moments.
  • Lists! Because who doesn't love a good bullet pointed list?
  • Pictures of my outfits. I am NOT a fashion bloggers, but occasionally I put on something besides yoga pants/leggings and want to share with the world. 
  • I hope community. I want to build connections and relationships. I don't want this to be one-sided! Talk to me! 
Here's what you won't get from my blog:
  • Perfection. I am not a perfect person, our life is not perfect, and my writing/grammar/spelling is not perfect. No false pretenses here, y'all! 
  • Posting every day. I hope to post 3-4 times a week. 
  • Impersonal. I want to get to know you! So comment. Share your experiences. Email me! 

Stay While! Make yourself at home! 


  1. I will be looking forward to keeping up with you via your blog! Susan Foreman

    1. Thanks Susan! Hope you are doing well!

  2. Love that you are doing this. Will be a great memory for everyone!

    1. Thanks Linda! I definitely think it will be great for looking back on!


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