Friday, February 27, 2015

DIY Face Oil

More and more people are learning the harsh effects of chemicals found in many skin care products. Prices are also on the rise. For that reason about a year ago, I started making my own face oil.

I will go ahead and say this, it might seem a little costly. But your face oil will last you forever! I mean seriously I have been using mine for over a year (only had to make it once). And I still have extras of all my oils.

There is so much experimenting you can do too with all the different carrier oils and essential oils. I have found a great combination for my skin, which is normal with some mild acne issues. I am not saying my face doesn't have those days when it breaks out more (that time of the month, anyone?), but overall my skin is really clear! I swear my face oil helps!

Many people have said their face is too oily to use oil but actually many times your face is producing extra oil to compensate for the stripping of natural oils. I definitely think finding the right combination for you skin is key!

Here is my face oil "arsenal". Having a funnel makes it so much easier pouring everything in the bottle!

First start with an amber glass dropper bottle. Many essential oils can be tainted by light so the amber really helps. I also love the dropper bottles because I find them to be far less messy than just a normal bottle. They also look extra fancy sitting on my vanity. :)

Pick your carrier oil. This is the main oil present in your face oil so you definitely want to make sure it is a good one. I use jojoba oil and have had no issues with it. It is really beneficial for most skin types: dry, oily, aging, acne-prone.

Once you have picked your carrier oil fill your amber bottle 2/3 full of it.

Choose your "bonus oil". This is a good place to maybe splurge on an oil that might be a little more expensive because you are not using as much. These oils are a little more nourishing than your carrier oil. I use tamanu oil, which again can be used for most skin types. It is suppose to help with not only current acne but redness and scarring from old acne.

Fill the rest of your bottle with this oil. Leave just a little room at the top of your amber bottle.

Choose your essential oil! There are so many out there with tons of skin benefits. My personal favorites are lavender and tea tree oil.

Lavender is like the swiss army knife of essential oils. It has so many uses! As far as for your face it is great acne and calming your skin. I also use tea tree oil because again it is great for acne.

Only add around 4-6 drops of each. I go a little heavier because my face is not very sensitive but I would start with less initially.

Shake well and there you have it. Your own face oil!

Make sure to clean your face well before using because otherwise the oil will trap all the dirt on your face.

I usually only need a drop to cover my whole face. My face is brighter and more even skin toned than

If you have any questions please let me know!

Tell me, do you make any of your own face products? What is your skin care regime? 


  1. Hello Brittany.

    I like your post. I am also using essential oils and i have buy essential oils from bonvale creations

    1. Nice bit of spaming there Zoe


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