Monday, March 12, 2012

Taproom and More Amazing Food

Ok so Hickory isn't my favorite place in the world. It rains all the time (seriously I feel like I am in Settle) and there isn't always exciting things going on.

But there is one thing Hickory does right... FOOD! There are tons of chain restaurants, we just got a Mellow Mushroom!

But there are also wonderful local places that everyone NEEDS to try!

1. The Olde Hickory Tap Room- come to Hickory and eat here. The food is decently priced, the beer is wonderful, atmosphere great, and the service sucks. Yes I said sucks. But everything else about it is so amazing you can look over the bad service. Get the Ruby Lager, best beer ever and I am going to miss it like crazy when we leave. Also get the Martin, Jerk chicken sandwich. So yummy!

2. Da Vinci's- Italian food at it's best. Get the Vodka pasta, it is heaven in your mouth. Also they give you bread when you sit down and I always appreciate free bread. Also there cheesecake is so tasty, especially since the whip cream on it is HOMEMADE. I have never had homemade whip cream before and when I had it I died.

3. Wild Wok- It is an Asian Bistro with some amazing prices and great sushi. You can get the "Bento Box" for $9.99 which includes an entree, rice, either spring/egg roll or salad, and a sushi roll. For ten bucks! Yes please! And on their website they have printable coupons you can use pretty much anytime.

4. China King- ok please don't judge me for this pick. It is pretty much just a chinese take out place. The kind where you can't use a debit/credit card unless you spend over $10.00. But the food is so good and so convenient. China King is where I discovered fried cheese wontons. Sorority sisters introduced me to China King and I haven't eaten there at least once a month since. I love it!

5. Cook-Out- ok this place is not specific to Hickory. It is actually a North Carolina thing. But for anyone who does not have a Cook-Out your waist line probably thanks you but you are sooooo missing out! Cook-Out Trays are the perfect late night snack or in a rush for a meal. You get a "entree" and then 2 sides plus a drink (Sweet Tea in my case, sometimes called Crack Tea) for under 5 bucks. Also their milkshakes are so delicious, 40 flavors! And you can mix flavors. I love to get peanut butter milkshake mixed with Heath bars.

6. Rita's- Again not a specific place to Hickory but it is so amazing. It opened about 3 years ago and they have italian ice and custard. They are so friendly too! And Italian Ice sounds so much more healthy than Ice-cream right?

Any places I am leaving out?
What are your favorite restaurants?


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