Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's a Dog Eat Dog World

Daniel and I made the plunge! We got a dog puppy! We went the Humane Society of Catawba County (check out their website, they have so adorable dogs and cats for adoption!).

We went into it saying we wanted a full grown dog so we didn't have to worry about house training/training in general. We had looked at the website some but really thought seeing the dogs in person would help us make our decision.

After looking around we decided on our little Rin (they named her and we kept the name). She is 4 months old but they said she might be a couple of months older. She is a part boxer part lab mix.

Daniel is so very happy! He is the one that really wanted a dog. I am a huge animal lover but I had some reservations because I knew I would be the one home with her the most and it is added responsibility. However, now that we got her home I am in love! She is such a sweetie and has only barked a couple of times.

She is a lazy girl but every day she gets a little more active. A couple of days ago she got out of her harness and nearly gave Daniel and I a heart attack. Since then she has been deathly afraid of outside but we are working on it. 

I love her so much and cannot wait for her to get even more comfortable with us. I am so glad we have added to our little Deal Family! 

Any tips or suggestions on getting her used to outside?
Dog training or house training tips? She prefers pooping in the kitchen to outdoors, we prefer outdoors. 


  1. Hey... so I got this book before I got Andy... it's called "Dogs for Dummies" haha! Anyways, when you're outside, you're supposed to say "go potty" or something that makes her understand that OUTSIDE is the bathroom, and praise her for going outside... if she goes inside, don't punish her but take her outside and if she goes praise her for that. It worked really well with Andy! Now when Andy's dancing around like he wants to go outside we say "do you need to go potty?" and he barks and runs to the door. Hope this helps some!

  2. Love the title of the book! Katie Wohlman just gave me a book to read about dogs and training them. We have been working on teaching her outside and saying go potty and she has gotten a million times better! Apparently she was not afraid of outside, it was her retractable leash. We switched to a new one and she is golden now! Andy and Rin should have a play date!!

  3. hi there brit.. i am your new reader from indonesia since you're the winner of the ruche's and found out that you have a nice and interesting blog, so yes! i am following you..

    How's little rin doing? Maybe you could try the cesar's way to train rin. Here's the web :

    By the way, i also got a mini pomeranian named Roger, he is now 9 years old and yet i keep falling in love with him more each day.

    Dog is our best friend indeed!
    Good luck with little Rin.. :)

  4. Thanks Jeannette! She is doing good! Getting bigger and more comfortable in her new home every day! Pomeranians are adorable!!


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