Friday, March 2, 2012

Crazy things I do

I gave up shopping for lent. So from February 21st to April 8th I will not be shopping for clothes, accessories, or shoes.

This is HUGE!! For me! I am a shopaholic. I also try to make myself feel better by mentioning how I buy most things on sale or at a super bargain price. But my shopping has gotten out of hand.

I am not only giving up shopping for lent because it will help my bank account but also because I need to learn to be filled from God, not material things. I am trying to focus on the non-materialistic blessings God gives me and be more thankful for what I have.

However, with this being said I have been lusting over so many different clothing items online. In order to curb my shopping I have decided on Fridays I am going to post my wish lists.


Apparently not only am I dying to shop but I am particularly obsessed with coral/salmon color. 


  1. Where do the sandals come from? Also, I spy a Ruche dress!

  2. The sandals are from Target! They have always been one of my favorite stores but they are really stepping up their game this spring! And yes, I love that Ruche dress and I just won a gift card from Ruche so I will be buying it ASAP!


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